My two-month-old Golden/Poodle mix Charlotte doesn't listen to my commands unless I give her a treat. How can I resolve?

My "Goldendoodle" Charlotte only listens to my commands and performs tricks if I hand out a treat afterwards and/or have the treat in visible sight…

ASKED BY Charlotte on 7/13/15
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My 5-year-old Golden Border Retriever only listens to me when I give him food as a reward. What can I do?

I didn't train him when he was a puppy, I got him half a year ago. He won't even sit when I ask him to, only if he knows he'll get a reward, like when…

ASKED BY Member 1231146 on 5/20/15
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I have a dog that has a hard time learning tricks?

My dog is very stubborn. When I try teaching him a new trick he gets frustrated with me and moans and groans. If he just gets what I am trying to tell…

ASKED BY Caspian on 5/15/13
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Why does my dog suddenly walk away from commands in fear?

My 6 month old lab has changed a lot in the past 2 days. Whenever I say a command, she turns and lowers her head, puts her tail almost between her…

ASKED BY Nova on 4/26/13
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Why does my dog growl and bite my boots so I can't walk?

When I take my dog out to the bathroom, leash or no leash, he will growl at me and bite my boots so I can't walk.

ASKED BY Member 1160778 on 3/24/13
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Dog stopped listening while outside?

I have a year old standard schnauzer, he listens most of the time inside, but as soon as I take him out, he just ignores me and every time I try to…

ASKED BY Member 1093880 on 2/13/13
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