Town Place has a rooftop dog park to keep your dog's tail wagging. Photography courtesy BridgeStreet.
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Town Place’s Beautiful Rooftop Dog Park

Town Place provides a dog-friendly space for canines (and their humans!) visiting or living in Pittsburgh.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Jul 9th 2018

How come there weren’t things like this when I lived in Pennsylvania?

I’m talking about Town Place, a joint project of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality and Kossman Development Company, which opens Summer 2018, and gives travelers an apartment-style experience in the heart of the city, plus leases units full time for those dog lovers who want to live downtown.

This Jetson’s-like “Aparthotel” features easy-to-use technology with everything from smart parking and automated window tinting for mood to an all-season sport court and spa, along with a great view of the city.

And of course, there is the rooftop dog park, for those dog lovers who want to live city life but with a great space for Fido. Other amenities include a conference room, video and game room, lounge space, a library, Whirlpool spa, grill area and lounge.

Details here.

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy BridgeStreet.

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