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We put together some tips to help you get creative with your dog's costume this Halloween. Photography ©Zinchik | Getty Images.
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8 Tips on How to Win a Dog Costume Contest This Halloween

Stuck on what costume your pup should wear this Halloween? These tips on Halloween costume contest ideas for dogs are sure to help you score prizes!

Nikki Moustaki  |  Oct 5th 2018

Creativity is key if you want to win a prize in a dog costume contest. To stand out, create your own costume.

Here are a few dog costume ideas to get you started —

Costumes aren't the only way to decorate your dog this Halloween. Photography ©adogslifephoto | Getty Images.

What should you dress your dog as this Halloween? Photography ©adogslifephoto | Getty Images.

  1. Look to the news, sports and recent celebrity stories to come up with a costume idea. The more topical the story and the funnier the costume, the better.
  2. Recognizable costumes from recent music videos, movies, award shows and celebrity galas are typically big hits in dog costume contests.
  3. Comic book and action hero costumes are contenders in a year when a big blockbuster action movie has come out.
  4. Odd costumes that turn your dog into inanimate objects like a vehicle, phone, season, food, storm, Christmas tree, Chia Pet, etc., have a good shot at taking a prize — especially if the reference is topical and the costume is elaborate.
  5. Classic costumes like Elvis, Audrey Hepburn, fairy tales, Star Wars or caveman can win but only if they are extremely elaborate. You’ll likely have some competition in these areas.
  6. Mommy-and-me or Daddy-and-me costumes tend to do pretty well. Dress yourself up as part of your dog’s costume.
  7. If you have more than one dog, find a topical theme that includes all of your dogs, rather than dressing them up individually.
  8. Not good at DIY? There’s no shame in seeking costume help!

Thumbnail: Photography ©Zinchik | Getty Images.

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