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Tampa Bay as a pumpkin.
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Dug Up at Dogster: 8 Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Halloween is nearly here! Don’t get, er, scared if you haven’t thought up Halloween costume ideas for your dog. We’ve found eight easy options for you.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Oct 27th 2017

If you’ve got a dog who doesn’t find putting on a costume spooky, but rather a howling good time, then let’s look take a look at some of this years’ options. We’ve kept our list of Halloween costume ideas for your dog simple: either quick DIY or buy it right from the store. After all, dressing up for Halloween can be all treat and no trick!

1. Halloween collar

A dog skull collar. Photography courtesy Petco.

A dog skull collar. Photography courtesy Petco.

For dogs that like the fuss but not the muss, a simple collar will do the trick. They can still participate and got the oohs and aahs on their next dog walk.

Dog Skull Collar; $10.99-$15.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

2. Halloween bandana or bow tie

Dog skull bow tie.

Dog Skull Bow Tie $9.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

Going one step further, try the Halloween bandana or bow tie. Again, fairly simple, and most dogs will happily wear these treats.

3. Family DIY

My friend Laura is great at making simple costumes for her dog that can involve the whole family. Check out this sunflower made by her kids for the family dog.

4. Superheroes

Superheroes costume.

Dog Super Hero Costume XS-M $19.99/L-XXL $24.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

These costumes are always popular, and who meets the criteria for a superhero more than our furry powerhouses? Superman is always popular, and this year you can’t go wrong dressing your female pup as Wonder Woman. Make it really easy by just making the distinctive tiara and call it a day.

5. Scary

Dog Spider Costume.

Dog Spider Costume XS-M $19.99/ L $24.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

Creepy — like this spider — and scary costumes are great, especially for the little dogs. Perhaps not the best idea when it comes to the bigger dogs as you don’t want to promote fear of the big breeds.

6. Traditional

Pumpkin costume. Photography courtesy Melissa Kauffman.

Pumpkin costume. Photography courtesy Melissa Kauffman.

Every year, my pup Tampa Bay dresses in this pumpkin costume. It’s easy to put on and easy take off and he looks delicious! Other easy traditional costumes: cats, ghosts, witches — oh, my!

7. When-I-grow-up costume

Dog Sailor Costume.

Dog Sailor Costume XXS-M $19.99/ L-XXL $24.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

Dress Fido in something he just may want to be when he grows up — a police officer, fire fighter, sailor or pilot. You can’t go wrong with this adorable option.

8. Other Animals

Dog Shark Costume.

Dog Shark Costume XS-M $19.99/L-XL $24.99 at Petco. Photography courtesy Petco.

Nothing is more hilarious than seeing your dog camouflaged as another species! Dog shark anyone?

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Melissa L. Kauffman.

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