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13 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs That Are Sure to Make You Giggle

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

dog in a ghost costume

13 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs That Are Sure to Make You Giggle

Dogs don’t really care what they look like. All the neat haircuts and costumes are for the pleasure and entertainment of us humans. The holidays offer up the perfect opportunity to dress our pooches up in cute, outrageous, and even funny costumes. Halloween is a time of year when you can dress your dog up to look any way you want.

Unlike during Christmas, when you’re limited to Santa hats and ugly sweaters, or Valentine’s Day, when the theme is hearts and cupids, anything goes during Halloween. There are lots of funny dog Halloween costumes available to choose from, but which are the funniest?

We’ve put together a list of our favorite funny Halloween costumes for dogs right here. Hopefully, the following picks will make your search for an awesome costume easier!

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The 13 Funniest Dog Halloween Costumes

1. It’s a UPS Delivery Driver!

If your dog is like most, the UPS delivery person likely gets them excited. Some dogs bark a lot, while others just look through the window while wildly wagging their tails. So, why not let your pooch feel what it’s like to wear a UPS outfit all day long? This funny yet cute UPS Delivery Driver costume is sure to make all your friends and loved ones smile this upcoming Halloween season.

2. A Jailhouse Canine

Every doggy makes mistakes, and some of their offenses can be downright criminal as far as their human companions are concerned. Whether it is chewing the walls or pooping the house, some behaviors are worthy of a little teasing. There is arguably no better way to make your dog face the music this Halloween than by putting them in this hysterical jalinkilhouse costume.

3. A Pirate Pooch

Pirates can be scary, but there is something quite comical about the idea of a dog pirate that would scour the seas for booty. While some dogs like to swim and might even like to go boating, it would be surprising to find any that would enjoy a long sea voyage without the comfort of home. However, this doesn’t mean that your pooch can’t pretend to be a great pirate on Halloween, thanks to this creative Walking Pirate Costume.

4. A Bite of Sushi

Most people don’t associate sushi with dogs, but your furry family member can change that among your friends and family members. Chances are that once people get a gander at your pup in this sushi costume, they will likely have a chuckle anytime they see or eat sushi afterward.

5. Say Hello to the Cowboy

Pretending to be a cowboy is a fun pastime for children of all ages, and Halloween is the perfect time to get your dog in on the action. With the help of this humorous cowboy costume, your furry friend can be the highlight of the night, whether you’re spending it quietly in front of the television or hosting a big block party.

6. Now That’s a Santa Claus

dog with christmas costume
Image Credit: eva, Pixabay

Ring in Christmas a little early this year by dressing your dog up as Santa Claus on Halloween! Not only will this Santa costume remind all the little ghosts and goblins to stay off the naughty list, but it will come in handy once Christmastime starts to roll around. This is a costume that keeps on giving.

7. This Lobster Can’t Be Eaten

While the thought of buttery lobster might make your mouth water, the sight of a lobster dog is sure to make you chuckle. This bright red lobster costume comes complete with silly eyes that create a cartoonish look that will help make Halloween extra special for everyone in your household.

8. What a Beautiful Fairy

Why not doll your female pooch up as a beautiful fairy with the help of these lightweight fairy wings? While the idea of a fairy isn’t very funny, the idea of a dog as a fairy is comical! Most dogs are not graceful and dainty like fairies are, so they have a hard time pulling the part off. But that’s all part of the fun!

9. The Busy Bumblebee

Dogs always seem to find a way to keep themselves busy throughout the day, so it might be fitting to dress your doggy up as a busy bumblebee on Halloween. This bumblebee costume is bright, so it will help ensure that your pooch can be seen while traveling with the kids outside to trick or treat. It is also sure to get a few giggles from passersby.

10. A Scary Attack Shark

If your dog needs a little help looking scary on Halloween, this attack shark costume might be a great option. It’s soft and comfortable, but it will stand out from the crowd of costumes other dogs might be sporting for the night. Even without the hat on, your pooch will still look like a big, bad predator from the sea.

11. Disney’s Amazing Ariel

What makes this Ariel costume so funny is the vibrant long wig that comes with it. No dog can be taken seriously with such a wig on their head! Luckily, dogs don’t mind being the ones to make people laugh, and they don’t want to be taken seriously most of the time anyway. So, if your pooch likes to be the center of attention, this might be the right costume choice for them.

12. The Traditional Witch

dog wearing witch costume
Image By: Kashaeva Irina, Shutterstock

If you want to stick with something traditional yet funny, this cool witch costume will do the trick. Who can resist the sight of a dog trying to brew up some magic on Halloween night? Calm dogs that like to stick to themselves can pull this look of mystery off well. Pair the costume with a wand necklace to complete the look.

13. A Mighty Football Player

Dogs can’t play football, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t pretend to be a pro player on Halloween. This football jersey, or any others like it, is all that’s needed to turn your tough-looking dog into an all-star football player. Even small, cute dogs can pass as running backs.

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Halloween Dog Costume Buying Tips

There are a few things that you can do when buying your dog a Halloween costume that will help ensure a good fit and comfort so the costume will stay on all night. First, it is important to measure your dog with a fabric tape measurer so that you can compare the measurements to costume sizes. Most costumes specify chest and height measurements to reference. You can also:

  • If your dog’s costume comes with a hat or cap, start putting one of your own on the pup now so that they can get used to wearing it before they are expected to put their costume on for Halloween night.
  • Buy some “regular” clothes for your dog to wear between holidays so that they are comfortable and accepting of their Halloween and other holiday costumes.
  • Take your dog on a long walk before putting their Halloween costume on them so they will be more likely to accept it and less likely to try and take it off.

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Summing Up

Halloween dog costumes are a fun addition to your celebration but remember that your pooch’s comfort and safety should be the first priority. The night should be lots of fun and free of frustration for everyone involved, including your dog. So, don’t be disappointed if things don’t go as planned the first time you put your dog in a costume. A little practice may be necessary to prepare for Halloween night.

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