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FYI: Dog Pee Has Its Own Microbiome

A recent study found that dog pee has its own microbiome. But what is a microbiome and what does it have to do with dog urine?

Jackie Brown  |  Oct 9th 2017

You might have heard the term “microbiome” used in conjunction with gut health. It describes the highly diverse population of healthy bacteria and other microbes living in our stomachs that are beneficial to our health in many ways.

A recent study published in May in the journal PLOS One just discovered that dog pee has its own microbiome. The researchers theorize that like gastrointestinal microbes, microbes in the urine might have a similar impact on urinary health.

It’s possible that urinary-tract infections might in fact be caused by disruptions in the microbiome. With more research, we might learn better ways to treat and prevent urinary problems.

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