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145 Adorable Wine Names for Dogs: Ideas for Fancy Canines

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

Wine Names for Dogs

145 Adorable Wine Names for Dogs: Ideas for Fancy Canines

If you are a wine connoisseur and just brought home an adorable fuzzy addition to your household, you should combine the two. After all, it’s a very opportunistic moment to showcase your own personal interest by giving your dog a unique and specific name.

Giving your dog a name related to wine can be charming, classy, and downright fun. You might already have a few in mind. But if you’re looking for more unique or unheard-of selections, we have you covered. Not only will we cover all of the different types of wine, but we will also give you a solid list of wine-related words for your consideration.dogster paw divider

Wine Names for Dogs

Most wine names can be unisex. So, we haven’t split them up into male or female names for you. We have simply drawn out a list of popular and rare wines for you to view. If you like how something sounds, jot it down on your list of maybes.

  • Merlot
  • Chardonnay
  • Gregio
  • Pinot
  • Red
  • Riesling
  • Sangria
  • Champagne
  • Zinfandel
  • Haut
  • Cabernet
  • Bordeaux
  • Malbec
  • Rosè
  • Sherry
  • Dolcetto
  • Loire
  • Barolo
  • Lambrusco
  • Madeira
  • Retsina
  • Mourvedre
  • Chianti
  • Rhone
  • Verdicchio
  • Grenache
  • Pinotage
  • Cortese
  • Tempranillo
  • Marsala
  • Nebbiolo
  • Viognier
  • Constantia
  • Tokay
  • Prosecco
  • Ugni
  • Rioja
  • Sèmillion
  • Beaujolais
  • Grappa
  • Cava
  • Vermentino
  • Madeira
  • Roussanne
  • Sauternes
  • Port
  • Carmenere
  • Chenin
  • Kir
  • Eiswein
  • Fumè
  • Gamay
  • Albariño
  • Thurgau
  • Verdot
  • Auslese
  • Claret
  • Asti Spumante
  • Arneis
  • Amarone
  • Burgundy
  • Aligoté
  • Blanc
  • Noirs
  • Blush
  • Boal
  • Brunello
  • Franc
  • Carignan
female yellow labrador retriever dog sitting in the middle of a vineyard
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Slang Wine Terms for Dogs

If you’re a bit of a wine snob, you might be familiar with some of these slang terms. However, you might not know all of them. So, here is a list of wine-related slang terms along with their meanings. Any of these selections would make quite a name.

  • Ah-So—“Ah-so-easy”
  • Balthazar—12 L bottle equivalent to 16 standard wine bottles
  • Flabby—lacks structure
  • Boxtree—a polite alternative to “cat pee.”
  • Chewy—rich and thick wine
  • Floral—flowery-smelling wine
  • Flabby—low acid and structure wine
  • Foxy—wild and musky wine
  • Lacey—open-weave wine
  • Silky—slips through the mouth like silk
  • Crunchy—rich and thick wine
  • Corky—contaminated with cork taint
  • Funky—smells like a barnyard
  • Bretty—a wine affected by Brettanomyces, wild yeast
  • Jeroboam—4.5 L bottle
  • Magnum—1.5 L bottle
  • Brix—a unit of measure for sugar in wine
  • Mousiness—peculiar wine taste, often like rodents are present
  • Bugs—malolactic bacteria
  • Nebuchadnezzar—15 L bottle equivalent to 20 standard wine bottles
  • Bung—closure for a barrel
  • Quaffable—likable wines
  • Oak Monster—wine that’s too oaky tasting
  • Salmanazar—9 L bottle equivalent to the entire case
  • Cave—a wine fridge
  • Steely—crisp and dry, metallic
  • Stems—glassware
  • Crush—season of picking grapes
  • Tannic—feeling drying effects of plant tanning or wood
  • Demi—375 mL bottle
  • Worm—corkscrew portion of wine key
  • Earthy—aromatic and savory
  • Unicorn—a rare bottle
  • Barrel Down—filling barrels
  • Violet—lower pH
Happy family with Labrador dog sitting on plaid in park
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Wine-Related Names for Dogs

If you’re not so much into slang but you want to know other terminology relating to wine, here are a few excellent choices. Some of these words are downright beautiful. Since you might not be familiar with exactly what some of them referenced, we went ahead and added the definitions for you.

  • Bacchus—Greek God of Wine
  • Labrusca—derived from the American fox grape
  • Baumè—a measurement of dissolved solids in wine
  • Lees—a mix of dry yeast, grape skins, seed stems, and tartrates
  • Bodega—Spanish storehouse for wine
  • Recioto—dessert wine made from grapes
  • Bouquet—initial of wine smell when poured into a glass
  • Shiraz—wine produced in Shiraz, Iran
  • Legs—higher alcohol content
  • Cantina—cool cellar to store wine
  • Trocken—the German word for “dry”
  • Vitis—grapevine
  • Mousse—frothy head on sparkling wine at the surface
  • Punt—wine bottles being made by glassblowers
  • Solera—aging wines
  • Grüner—green
  • Chianti—any wine produced in central Tuscany
  • Sparge—removing oxygen from headspace with another gas
  • Kabinett—wine made from fully ripe grapes
  • Cask—barrel wine container
  • Mousseux—sparkling
  • Chiaretto—pale
  • Clos—a French vineyard
  • Piedmont—Italian wines in the region of Piemonte
  • Douro—non-fortified wines
  • Cordon—arms
  • Hogshead—75 gallons
  • Corkscrew—wine opener
  • Pomace—the main solid residue of winemaking
  • Rambooze—a drink made of wine and other ingredients
  • Dubonnet—sweet, aromatized wine-based quinquina
  • Crianza—aging classification for Spanish wine
  • Pip—grapeseed
  • Glera—grape used to make Prosecco wines
  • Cru—growth
  • Eraflage—removing grapes from stems
  • Cuvaison—the process of wine gaining color, flavor, and tannins
  • Fiasco—Italian-style wine bottle covers in close-fitting straw baskets
  • Cuvèe—blend
  • Enology—the study of wine and winemaking
  • Charmant—a method of making wine in large steel tanks
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How to Name Your Dog

Naming your dog is such an exciting experience! It is probably one thing you’re looking forward to about having a new canine companion around the household. Naming a dog really sets the tone for the relationship you two will have in the future. It builds a sense of familiarity and it’s fun to develop ideas!

You might look at a dog and instantly know what to call them. But many others need a little inspiration. Sure, you’ve pinned down the name category you’re looking for (wine), but how can you pick just one? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Draw a Name Out of a Hat

Say you have two or more names, but you can’t trim down that final selection. Go the old-school way. Write down all the names you love and put them in a hat. Let you or someone in the household select the name out of the hat. Whatever you get is what the name is. Easy peasy.

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Use a Random Picker Online

There are tons of websites online that allow you to put in multiple options, and it randomly selects one for you. This takes a lot of the guessing work out, and you won’t have to worry about physically drawing it out of the hat. So no need to scour around the house for a pen and paper.

Ask the Fam

Get your family in on the fun. Ask them which names they like best and get their input on names you already have picked out. With the help of your loved ones, the right name will indeed find you.

Make an Online Poll

You could also take this to social media. If you have fellow wine lovers on your social media platforms or want to hear from your friends and family members, create an online poll. This way, people you know can vote for the name that they love best, and you can get a general consensus on the most popular pick.

Ultimately, only you can decide what right name works for your newcomer. So if you like how a name sounds, go for it! After all, you’re going to be the one calling it out daily.

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Hopefully, this gave you every wine name you could possibly hope for. There are several different types of wine as well as a ton of words that relate to this specific topic.

If you can’t make a choice, you can always round up your favorites and decide using a method we discussed earlier in the article. Of all of these potentially exciting wine-related names, which ones were your favorite?

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