Win Some Cruelty-Free Beauty Products from A Beautiful Life Brands

Meet the creators of the cult beauty favorite A Beautiful Life and their darling dogs! Plus, a giveaway!


A Beautiful Life is a newschool beauty company owned by rock and roll couple Jennifer and Tony Arthur and based out of Lambertville, NJ.

Between running a Beautiful Life, taking care of their two kids and having a 80’s hair metal revival band, Jennifer and Tony are also owners of two dogs. A Beautiful Life has a long list of celebrities who covet their products, including Alyssa Milano, Alan Rickman, Nigella Lawson and Shawn Wayans. And today they’re giving Dogster readers the chance to win some of their products – check out the giveaway portion at the end of this post, but not before learning a little bit about this cool couple:

Eve: Tell me all about A Beautiful Life, what your ethical credo is, and what your favorite products are.

At A Beautiful Life Brands we focus on innovative and edgy beauty products with an emphasis on safe, effective, and natural formulations. Our company was founded by us originally as a luxury retail beauty boutique and website, but we got bored with that and started developing our own stuff around 2006. We take our knowledge and long experience in the beauty biz, and filter it through a creative, rock and roll sensibility to come up with products like The All Nighter Styling Powder, Pre Game Texturizing Spray, and I Heart Unicorns Perfume. None of our products are tested on animals. A Beautiful Life is a cruelty-free company. Well, we are occasionally cruel to each other. But not to animals!

Now we want to know all about your dogs!

We have two dogs right now. First is Rufus, a 13-year-old Gordon Setter. Rufus is a rescue. He is our second Gordon Setter – we had one named Betsey, a stray who wandered into the head shop Jennifer worked in nearly 20 years ago. We really fell in love with the breed then. We got Rufus in the Fall of 1999.

Lita is our newest addition. She is a 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, whatever that means, and we’ve had her for almost two years. Rufus had been alone for a few years after a few of our other pups had passed, and Jennifer found Lita through an online rescue. They brought her up to New Jersey from a high kill shelter in North Carolina.

Do they have any special character traits that are amusing or interesting?

Whatever you do, don’t tell Rufus that he’s an old man, because he rarely acts his age. He loves to run, he loves to find disgusting things in fields and eat them. His bark can shatter glass. He is a professional sandwich stealer. We love him dearly, and my kids get very angry with me when I call him names when he counter surfs, looking for my lunch. Rufus is the most annoying, frustrating, loveable, sweet, loyal, handsome boy you could imagine. Jennifer cuddles with him way more than she does with me, but that’s ok. He smells like oats. He’s not a licker, he’s a sniffer.

Lita was a dream dog from day one. We named her after Lita Ford, because she’s a little runaway. Sweet, loving, zany. She and Rufus have become quite the team. Lita is almost catlike in her agility. She perches in windowsills and the backs of chairs. When the sun is just right in our yard, she curls up in a flower pot. Her favorite snack is pencils. She is most definitely a licker.

Do they ever come to work with you?

They come to work sometimes. Never on lab days, though – nobody wants Rufus fur in their shampoo.

What’s next for your company?

We have some new styling products, fragranced body care, and men’s shaving stuff on the way. We have several exciting new retail partners on board. Also probably another dog if Jennifer and the kids get their way. And I am always trying to think up funny things to say on Twitter.


A Beautiful Life has graciously decided to sponsor a giveaway for one of our lucky readers! One of you will win their awesome Pre-Game Texturizing Spray which will make your hair all beachy and tousled, perfect for summer, plus both their Honey ‘Do shampoo and conditioner, which is made with organic honey!

To enter, leave a comment here saying you are following them on twitter. It’s totally worth it — Tony has a hysterical Twitter feed. We will select a random winner using next week and contact them via e-mail.

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