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Win a Custom Item from Paw and Print Featuring Your Dog

This shop makes some of the best personalized magnets, keychains, and coasters we've seen.

 |  Jan 11th 2013  |   43 Contributions

You can put an image of your dog on just about anything these days. The results, though, rarely impress, because the phone cases, keychains, and other products found at online customization shops tend to lean toward the generic.

Enter Paw and Print, an Etsy store that personalizes one-of-a-kind items. Owner and "bona fide crafter" Sarah Voss starts with a unique base, such as a wood slice or travertine tile. Per your instruction, she then leaves your image as is or alters it using a sepia, black-and-white, or vintage filter before she applies it to the piece. Her magnets, keychains, and coasters have a rustic look and feel, and they make excellent gifts, whether for yourself or a fellow pet parent.

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Paw and Print transfers an image of your dog to a wood slice for its customized magnets.

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You can choose two images of the same dog for a keychain or put a different dog on each side.

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Paw and Print coasters feature a non-tacky, stain-proof, and water-resistant finish on the front, as well as a cork backing to prevent scrapes on furniture. You can choose different photos for coasters, too.

Voss prices her custom items at $11 for a magnet, $13 for a keychain, and $37 for a set of four coasters, but she has generously offered to give three Dogster readers their choice of one item for free!


Would you like the chance to win a customized product from Paw and Print? If so, please do the following:

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  2. Like Paw and Print's Facebook page, then comment below using your Disqus account, telling us which item you want and why. Be creative! Our favorite three comments win.
  3. Check your email for a “You've Won!” message from us after noon, PST, on Wednesday, January 16. We'll give the winner two days to respond before moving on to our next favorite comment.

If you don't score one of the Paw and Print products, not to worry: You still have plenty of opportunities to win other great prizes -- every Friday, in fact! The items also are available for purchase at Paw and Print's Etsy shop, and you can score 20 percent off by using the code "20january" at checkout!


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