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What Is the Mr. Mo Project? Everything to Know About This Great Organization

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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What Is the Mr. Mo Project? Everything to Know About This Great Organization

Isn’t passion always the one that changes our lives forever? Few things could make you quite so passionate as the love that we feel for our pets. Because of one family’s special connection to an unforgettable pup named Mr. Mo, the lives of senior pets all over would saved from living in shelters, or worse, being euthanized.

Sometimes, even the darkest tragedies can result in a beautiful outcome. The memory of Mr. Mo will live on forever in the mission.

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How the Mr. Mo Project Got Started

A couple by the name of Chris and Mariesa started this foundation because they, like most with a passion in the field, fell in love with a dog. They got Mo as a senior, and he changed their lives forever.

The couple used to run a nonprofit organization called Rowdy to the Rescue. This organization pulled dogs from shelters to place them in foster homes, preventing euthanasia. That is how they met their buddy.

They started encountering health issues with their pup Moses, or Mr. Mo for short. As they entered the trenches of expensive veterinary care, they realized how many seniors are put down or surrendered because parents are simply unable to pay their bills.

Mr. Mo impacted their lives unbelievably. He was diagnosed with an inoperable spine tumor that would end up taking his life. That did not stop his owners from diligently fighting for him every step of the way.

To honor his memory, these two heroes set out to make life better for senior pets worldwide. Our seniors have lived long and faithful lives with us; the least we can do is give them the love and attention they deserve in their final days.

Not having the funds to do so can seriously impact a person emotionally. Their aim was to prevent pet parents from having to go through this and dogs having to suffer as a consequence.

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Image Credit: Hugo Alejandro Salazar S, Shutterstock

Mr. Mo Is a Nonprofit Organization

A nonprofit is defined as an organization that serves a social or local charitable purpose without the aim of profiting. Mr. Mo falls into this category. The founders simply wanted to make a better way for seniors to enjoy the last few years of their life without suffering.

So it certainly was not an organization aimed at raking in the cash. They simply want to put resources together to help dogs in need.

How Sponsorships Help

Sponsorships really help organizations like Mr. Moe stay in business. These organizations are so important for pets and people alike, really spreading awareness and saving lives. Sponsorships can help to get the word out there and provide necessary funding.

At the Mr. Mo Website, You Can…

There are tons of resources on the Mr. Moe website. Here are just a few ways to contribute.

If you’re a person that really wants to lend a hand to seeing your dogs in need, you can always donate! It doesn’t take any time or much energy from you to toss a few dollars to a good cause.

There is a tab on the website you can click to get started with your donation. Keep in mind that every penny is precious, so any little bit helps. The donations are set up in increments of $5, paid on a monthly basis. You can donate by mail or directly from your credit card.

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Many families choose to foster, especially when they want to help out but can’t take on the full responsibility of dog owning. On the website, you can get more information on how to foster senior dogs. Not only will you get the education on how to find senior pets in your area, you can reach out to the foundation directly for availability.


The Mr. Mo Project aims to raise money for local rescues, shelters, and other charities. Tons of fantastic organizations need help and there are certainly ways to raise money to make differences.

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Now, you understand a little bit more about the organization and its overall mission. This couple is completely dedicated to the well-being of senior pets and will continue to advocate for them for years to come.

We can all do our part to make a difference in dogs’ lives. But some special focus needs to be put on our senior pets. After all, they’ve gone through their lives and given so much devotion to humans only to be cast aside in the end.

If you are someone who can help senior pets, it is a noble, honorable, and fulfilling cause.

Featured Image Credit: Suchavadee, Shutterstock

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