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What Clothing Lines Have a Dog as Part of Their Logo? 6 Biggest Brands

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Dogster Team

brown and white dog wearing pink and black polka dot dress

What Clothing Lines Have a Dog as Part of Their Logo? 6 Biggest Brands

For any business, branding is very important. Clothing lines have pulled inspiration for their logo and branding from many places, including from our furry friends. Surprisingly, dogs are not that uncommon in clothing line logos, though the type of dog utilized often varies.

Here are some of the biggest brands that use dogs in their logo. Beyond these, there are also many brands that have a dog mascot or other dog-related branding but a different logo.

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1. Canine Styles

Canine Styles is a high-end fashion brand for dogs that often features dogs in their design, too. They were founded in New York in 1959, and they’ve grown into a pretty big lifestyle brand since then. While the average person may not have heard of them, they’re pretty popular with celebrities. In fact, they’re probably one of the biggest high-end dog brands around.

This brand often uses very luxurious materials and patterns in their clothing. For instance, they sell cashmere sweaters and down coats. They also sell bags for carrying smaller dogs. In fact, much of their clothing line is aimed at small dogs almost exclusively.

They also sell designer dog beds and stylish collars. Over the last few years, they’ve been expanding their brand to feature more dog items that aren’t necessarily clothes.

This brand is absolutely a luxury brand, with their prices easily reaching $500 for a coat. Their clothes are very modern and urban, with lots of vibrant colors. They also have a very distinct online community and social media profiles.

2. Harmont&Blaine

This Italian clothing brand was founded in Naples in 1989. It fills a unique niche between casual clothes and formal wear. Their clothes are often described as “upper-casual.”

Because of the brand’s history, it has a very Italian feel. It’s infused with the spirit of the Mediterranean coast, and there is a bit of emphasis on comfort. The fabrics are typically breathable and come in summery hues. They’re particularly known for their distinctive striped polos, which come in many colors and patterns. They’ve become a symbol of the brand just as much as their Dachshund logo.

This brand is also known for its premium materials. Linen, cotton, and cashmere are regularly used in their clothes. Their garments are also very well-fitting.

While this brand is a luxury brand, their clothes are often mid-range in price. A basic shirt is often around $100, though some of their jackets can easily reach $500 or more. They are still centered in Italy today, but they have a global presence and online business.

3. Big Dogs

Big Dogs is a clothing brand that primarily features bold graphic tees and casual wear. The company was originally founded in 1983, and it tends to embrace a very confident and assertive style—which probably pushed them towards their logo choice.

This brand is best known for its graphic tees and hoodies. Their shirts tend to have witty slogans and designs featuring dogs. Puns and empowering messages are all in their wheelhouse. While most of their clothes feature dogs, they also touch on sports, music, and pop culture. They have many sports-related hoodies—with and without dogs. Their shirts are also focused on quality, as they use soft polyester and cotton in their hoodies and shirts.

They sell sweatshirts, shorts, pants, and loungewear on top of hoodies, too. Most of their clothing features their logo, though some do not. Big Dogs is almost exclusively available online. They are available in some retail locations, but this is rare. In most cases, you’ll need to purchase from their online store.

4. Proud 90

A young Caucasian male playing with his Goldendoodle dog on a professional golf course
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Proud 90 exclusively sells golf apparel, and its logo features a large dog. Their clothing often features vibrant designs that set them apart from other gold brands. They were founded in 2015, making them one of the newer brands on this list.

You can expect plenty of bold colors and lots of weird prints from this brand. They’re obviously trying to set themselves apart from other brands, which tend to have solidly-colored polos. Flamingos and dinosaurs are all common. They also use high-quality fabrics to help wick away moisture and keep you cool while golfing. Much of their clothing is also UPF protective, like most golf brands.

While they do sell mostly polos, you’ll also find quarter-zips, hats, and similar items. They largely sell golf-related accessories, though. If you don’t golf, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere for a clothing brand. Like most golf clothing, their shirts aren’t cheap. Many of their designs approach $80 or more. However, their clothes become much more affordable during sales.

5. Rhoback

Rhoback was founded in 2014 as an active-wear brand. However, their main focus is on clothes that can function in many different settings for those who tend to live an active lifestyle overall. Their styles are built practically with comfort in mind. However, they are also stylish.

The company utilizes a range of breathable, sun-protection fabrics to meet its goals. Their fabrics are designed to help you stay cool and protect you from the elements no matter what sort of workout or activity you’re taking part in.

Rhoback is also committed to environmental protection, so they utilize recycled materials in many of their fabrics. Their prices are considered mid-range. Shirts usually cost around $50, but hoodies can easily reach over $200 in some cases.

The company prices their clothes’ versatility. You can wear them easily to the store or dinner, but they also function very well in active situations. They’re perfect for those who live a fairly active lifestyle and want clothes that can keep up with them.

6. Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is not just a clothing brand. In fact, they sell many types of accessories and even home décor. However, they started as a clothing brand, and that is their main focus today. The company has several different logos, but their “full” logo features two dogs.

Juicy Couture was founded in 1997. However, they gained real popularity in the early 2000s, when many celebrities began wearing their clothes. Their velour tracksuits were their first clothes to really take off. They quickly became a symbol of casual luxury thanks to their focus on comfort.

While the tracksuits were the company’s signature clothing for a long time, they have since expanded to offer clothes for women and girls. They even have a baby section. They also sell fragrances, shoes, and other accessories.

After the initial surge in popularity, the company faced some difficulties in the late 2000s. However, in recent years, the company has adapted its style for the new age and has slowly been regaining popularity. dogster face divider

Final Thoughts

There are a surprising number of clothing brands out there with dog logos. These brands range from comfortable graphic tees to doggie clothes to luxurious brands. The dogs used in the logos also differ. Often, these dogs are nondescript “dogs” and don’t have enough details for us to determine exactly what type of dog it is. Other times, the dogs obviously belong to a certain breed.

In some cases, there is a backstory as to why that particular dog was used in the logo. Other times, though, there isn’t a backstory at all. The company may use the dog logo to communicate a range of things, from confidence to luxury to activity.

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