What Causes Bumps on Dogs’ Eyelids?

I am wondering about a red bump on the outside of my Great Dane's eyelid. I am having a hard time finding information. It is...
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I am wondering about a red bump on the outside of my Great Dane’s eyelid. I am having a hard time finding information. It is on the outer part of her right eye and looks similar to when a human has an ingrown hair, or perhaps a large pimple. I’m not sure if it is something that will take care of itself, or if I need to take her in to be treated.

We have been very strapped with vet bills lately, otherwise I would immediately bring her in. I would really appreciate any help you can provide.

Saint Louis, MO

If the bump is not causing pain (manifested by squinting) or leading to redness or discharge in the eye, it has a good chance of not being serious.

Dogs’ eyelids have glands (called meibomian glands) that help produce tears. They sometimes develop cysts or benign (harmless) tumors that show up as wart- or pimple-like masses on the eyelids. I’m guessing that’s what’s going on with your dog. These masses usually cause no harm and require no treatment.

That said, there are some more serious potential causes of the symptoms you describe. And, I’m sorry to say it, but only a visit to the vet will help you figure out whether you have any cause to be concerned.

3 thoughts on “What Causes Bumps on Dogs’ Eyelids?”

  1. Fiona Semaniuk

    my Chinese crested hairless looks like he has whiteheads on his eyelids (the corners). What are they, and what can I do about them?

    1. Hi Fiona,

      We suggest taking your dog to the vet for an exam. These articles might provide some insight as well:

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