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We Adore Rene-Charles, a Very Fashionable NYC Frenchie

Ever wonder what the French Bulldog version of Carrie from "Sex and the City" would be like? Meet Rene-Charles.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Oct 11th 2016

Meet Rene-Charles. He’s a self-proclaimed “flawless Frenchie.” What does that involve, you might be wondering? Well, it basically seems to consist of living out a life in Manhattan, New York City, as if he’s the fifth member of the Sex and the City troop.

Rene-Charles has also just published a book outlining the intricacies of this very fierce and fashionable life philosophy. Let’s dig into the details.

Who exactly is Rene-Charles

According to official documentation, Rene-Charles is a 2-year-old French Bulldog who claims a personality “as big and old as the Big Apple.” Apparently he is to French Bulldogs what Carrie is to Sex and the City, Khloe is to the Kardashians, and Oscar the Grouch is to Sesame Street.

His long-suffering human consorts are Evan Cuttic and Ryan Nalls, who also helped him out with the book.

A New York City tastemaker

When you’re a high-stakes New York City tastemaker like Rene-Charles, you absolutely need some human help on hand at all times. As he quipped to this paparazzi photograph that was snapped as the heavens opened up, “Have you ever seen Beyonce holding her own umbrella?”

The look on his mug lets you know that’s a rhetorical question.

Rene-Charles doesn’t walk, he gets carried

When it comes to getting around the city to attend prestigious events, one thing is guaranteed: Rene-Charles absolutely does not take the subway. Unless it’s a trip to the sandwich chain of the same name. He’s apparently something of a fan of making his own ‘wich.

The grooming game

Looking good requires regular grooming and bathing — but it’s not exactly this pampered pooch’s favorite part of the day. After being dunked in the tub, he was overheard to grumble, “You will pay for this — in the form of a bill from my therapist.”

Always keeping up appearances

After a recent cool-hunting mission to the overly gentrified parts of Brooklyn, Rene-Charles came back with the makings of a new outfit. “Help!” he remarked, “I went to Brooklyn for brunch, and I think I caught the hipster.”

Fashion is key

In Rene-Charles’s world, every single crosswalk is a runway. That’s why you’ll spot him dolled up in possibly ridiculous-looking coats while he’s out running errands.

A beautiful slumber

Let the record show that Rene-Charles is absolutely not a fan of getting up in the mornings, whether that’s a Monday, a hump day, or even during the weekend. “Today is going to be a struggle,” he muttered in this early morning selfie. “I only got, like, four hours of sleep.”

Rene-Charles: NYC is available now via Running Press. You can also follow along with his activities over at his Instagram account.