Viral Video We Love: Jumping Dog Hops from Floor to Ceiling!

This little Jack Russell Terrier has vertical leap that would shame a cat -- or the L.A. Lakers, for that matter.


You know what they say: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again … and again and again … until you finally get it!

That’s exactly the advice this little dog took to heart when someone (maybe the cat?) placed his favorite plush toy out of reach. Lucky for the pup, he’s got some mad hops, and after a series of efforts, he finally snatches the toy from the ceiling fan.

It’s a pretty amazing feat. Especially considering that the average ceiling is about 8 feet high and the average Jack Russell Terrier (which he appears to be) is about 10 to 15 inches long — which means that the little guy is jumping about eight times his body length. We can’t do that!

Quick, somebody sign this guy up with a basketball team. Or at least get him into a doggie high jump contest. We think he would definitely win.

So, just remember: When a goal seems out of reach, think of this little dog and his relentless pursuit of what he really, really wants. If he can overcome a challenge like this, so can you. Just keep jumping until you finally get your toy down from the ceiling.

What, you haven’t encountered that problem before?

Via Viral Viral Videos

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