Viral Video We Love: Two Pugs Play Musical Food Bowls

Ready, set, eat! These Pugs take competitive eating to the max. Watch out!


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

It’s survival of the fittest! Well, sort of.

These two competitive Pugs take dinnertime very seriously, tag-teaming each other until their dishes are completely clean!

We’re not sure how they synchronized it, but at some secret signal, they get up and switch food bowls.

Or maybe it’s kind of like when you were a kid and you wanted whatever your brother or sister had, even though it might have been the same exact thing.

Whatever it is, these Pugs are sure serious about eating, although it seems like the black one is a little more serious than the fawn one. He’d better be careful! There’s nothing worse than an overweight Pug — at their diminutive size, any extra weight really affects them.

At least they’re not fighting. As we know, some dogs can be very protective of their food, growling at and sometimes fighting with any dog or human who gets too close. Food aggression is a terrible thing in dogs.

These little guys don’t seem aggressive at all though, just very indulgent, as Pugs can be. They both look healthy, and we’re sure that their person makes up for any uneven food distribution with yummy treats.

Although we must say that dinnertime musical chairs is one way to keep your figure — all that running around!

Petsami is the number one destination for funny pet and animal videos, blogs and photos. It’s the digital entertainment network for your animal instincts. Please visit for more stories.

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