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6 Vacuuming Tips With Dogs: Keeping Your House Clean With a Canine

Written by: Dogster Team

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

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6 Vacuuming Tips With Dogs: Keeping Your House Clean With a Canine

The benefits of having a dog far outweigh the drawbacks. However, cleaning up hair that ends up everywhere is one thing most dog owners would gladly do without. Pet hair and dander are more than just annoying—they can trigger allergies.

Vacuuming is the best way to prevent dog hair from getting all over your furniture and clothing, but you may need some special techniques to capture all the dog hair. Here are six vacuuming tips to keep your house clean with a canine companion.

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The 6 Vacuuming Tips With Dogs

1. Invest in a Vacuum Designed for Pet Hair

cleaning up pet hair using a vacuum
Image Credit: LeDarArt, Shutterstock

A good-quality vacuum with strong suction is your best defense against pet hair. Several major vacuum manufacturers offer pet-specific features like HEPA filters and brushes that detangle pet hair as it’s sucked in.

In addition, vacuums with many attachments for stairs, under furniture, and crevices are ideal for removing hard-to-reach dog hair and keeping it from getting kicked up into the air. Look for scrubbing and brush attachments that can help with hair stuck to upholstery and bedding.

2. Move Your Furniture

You don’t have to do a deep clean every time, but get in the habit of moving furniture around—or vacuuming under it—to get all the hair that builds up in those spaces. This is especially important in areas where your dogs spend most of their time, such as the living room. This extra step will go a long way when it’s time for more thorough cleaning.

3. Get a Handheld Vacuum

vacuuming furniture in a house with a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner
Image Credit: Den Rozhnovsky, Shutterstock

If you don’t want to pull your vacuum out every day, invest in a handheld vacuum that you can use to quickly clean heavy traffic areas like the dog bed or your dog’s favorite spot on the couch. Handheld vacuums are helpful for other areas where hair tends to collect, such as the edges of stairs and baseboards. Keeping up with the heavy hair will make your job much easier when you get around to a full vacuum.

4. Use the Correct Setting

Vacuums have different settings for a reason. There are settings for different pile heights, which affect the airflow that’s needed for proper suction. Make sure your vacuum is set for each carpet in your home.

If you have hard floors, you can vacuum on the hard floor setting. Avoid using a broom to get all the thick hair, as it just kicks most of it back into the air—and ultimately, back down to your clean floor.

5. Take Care of Your Vacuum

Collecting dog hair and dander can take a toll on your vacuum over time. Make sure you keep up with your vacuum’s care by cleaning out the excess hair. If you have a bagged vacuum, throw it out when it’s nearly full. If you have a bagless one, make sure you empty it regularly.

Periodically clean your vacuum’s filter, hoses, and brushes to get loose hair out and prevent clogging or overheating. If odors are a problem, use a little baking soda after cleaning to get rid of them.

6. Minimize Shedding

woman brushing the dog
Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

If you have a dog that sheds year-round, try to prevent the hair that builds up in your home—and spare your vacuum the wear and tear—by brushing and bathing them regularly. Dogs with double coats may need daily brushing to limit the loose hair that floats around and keep their skin and coat healthy.

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If you’re struggling with dog hair in your home, keeping up with vacuuming can prevent it from getting out of control. These tips should help you vacuum more effectively, getting all that hair out of hard-to-reach places and keeping your home looking and smelling clean much longer.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Kneschke,Shutterstock

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