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How Much Exercise Does a Cockapoo Need? Health & Enrichment Tips

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Exercise Does a Cockapoo Need? Health & Enrichment Tips

Cockapoos may not be the biggest dogs, but they typically possess a surprising amount of energy! If it seems like your dog never seems to get tired, you might be curious how much exercise a Cockapoo needs. Ideally, adult Cockapoos should get at least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily.

In this article, we’ll talk about why exercise is essential to your Cockapoo’s well-being and suggest some activities you can use to tire them out. We’ll also discuss some precautions to take when exercising your dog to keep them safe.

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The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is essential for Cockapoos for many of the same reasons it is to humans. Regular exercise helps keep your dog at a healthy weight. Overweight dogs are at higher risk of arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

Giving your Cockapoo an acceptable way to burn off energy can also help avoid the development of problematic behaviors. Cockapoos that don’t get enough exercise may turn to chewing, digging, or excessive barking instead. None of these actions will make your dog a good neighbor or a pleasant housemate.

In addition to physical stimulation, exercise can also serve as a mental boost for your Cockapoo. These dogs tend to be intelligent and social. They get bored quickly and don’t enjoy being left alone frequently.

Combining exercise sessions with training or simply bonding with your Cockapoo can help strengthen their brain and muscles. It also gives you a chance to give your dog some of the human interaction that they crave.

Activities Your Cockapoo May Enjoy

Cockapoo Exercise
Image Credit: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

The best exercise activity for your dog is one that you’ll do consistently, so make sure it’s something you enjoy as well.

Walking, jogging, or hiking are among the simplest ways to exercise your Cockapoo. They’re also an excellent way to incorporate training and provide mental stimulation for your dog. Many Cockapoos enjoy swimming, and it’s a perfect activity for the breed if you have access to a safe body of water.

Both of the Cockapoo’s parent breeds were bred to serve as retrievers, and a fast game of fetch is another option for exercise. You could also let your dog have a “play date” with another canine friend or take a trip to the dog park.

Finally, consider participating in dog sports with your Cockapoo, such as flyball, tracking, or agility. These activities will take more effort and usually money on your part, but they can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to meet fellow dog lovers.

Exercise Safety Tips

If your Cockapoo hasn’t previously had regular exercise, check with your vet before you jump into a fitness plan. Your vet will ensure your dog is healthy enough for regular exercise and suggest an appropriate way to get started.

You’ll likely need to build up your dog’s physical fitness just as you would your own. Nobody goes straight from the couch to running a 5k; you must develop your conditioning. Overweight dogs need to be careful not to get overworked because they’re more vulnerable to injuries.

Puppies, whose bodies are still developing, also shouldn’t overdo it on exercise. Their still-growing bones and muscles are more sensitive to trauma from too much hard running, for example.

Be aware of the weather, and don’t exercise your Cockapoo when it’s too hot outside. They can burn their paw pads on hot asphalt or sand or, even worse, develop life-threatening heat stroke. Make sure your dog gets plenty of water during exercise and take breaks if they seem tired or are panting excessively.

Black and white cockapoo running
Image Credit: Marla White, Shutterstock


As you consider whether a Cockapoo is the right breed for you, keep in mind that you’ll need to devote at least an hour each day to exercise. If you live in a small space with no yard, you’ll have to take your pet for daily walks and visits to the dog park. On the bright side, keeping your dog fit can help get you up and exercising, with proven physical and mental benefits.

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