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Pups are pack animals, so excessive solitude can lead to bored or frazzled furry friends. Want to avoid unproductive behaviors? Tune in to DOGTV.

This premium, canine-friendly television channel is the first of its kind, brought to you by PTV Media Ltd. It’s also the product of extensive scientific research by top animal experts. Pooches can enjoy 24-hour digital programming for custom-tailored companionship.

According to General Manager Beke Lubeach, “content is delivered in short three-to-six-minute segments” that reflect the typical hound’s unique hearing and vision attributes. While key elements like color blend and contrast may seem unusual to us humans, they’re incredibly appealing to our cold-nosed companions. As Beke astutely notes, happy dogs lead to happy pet parents! “Paws” and consider the benefits at dogtv.com.

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