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These Are the Best Cities for Dog Lovers

Did your city make the list?

Jackie Brown  |  Jun 5th 2020

ApartmentGuide.com released the best cities for pet lovers in America for 2020. Criteria included the availability of pet stores, pet services, pet health care, public parks and more.

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The No. 1 city, Knoxville, boasts eight specialized dog parks, nearly 30 boarding facilities and kennels, and 93 vet practices, plus the availability of a Dogs on Patios Permit, which allows owners to bring their dogs when dining on patios and porches of participating Knoxville restaurants, cafes and bars.

Did Your City Make The List?

1. Knoxville, Tennesee
2. Dayton, Ohio
3. Orlando, Florida
4. Columbia, South Carolina
5. Lakeland, Florida
6. Wilmington, North Carolina 7. Miami, Florida
8. Scottsdale, Arizona
9. Cincinnati, Ohio
10. Billings, Montana

Top photograph: GaudiLab | Getty Images

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