The Dog Lady of Mexico

Have you ever wondered how to help stray or neglected animals? Find out how Alison Sawyer Current is making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats in Mexico by reading her new book, The Dog Lady of Mexico!

Alison with one of the may dogs that she works with. Photo courtesy of Alison Sawyer Current.
Alison with one of the may dogs that she works with. Photo courtesy of Alison Sawyer Current.
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When I first heard about Alison Sawyer Current’s book, I was intrigued not only by the fictional tale but by the author’s true-life experiences helping dogs and cats of Mexico. She has helped more than 12,000 animals on to a second chance at life through her nonprofit Isla Animals, which offers low-to-no-cost veterinary care and pet education, plus arranges adoptions through her Dog Gone Foundation.

Her book The Dog Lady of Mexico tells the tale of the fictional Rose, as she, her husband and pottery studio, move to Isla Mujeres (an island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula) for a life of tranquility and inspiration. Instead they find starving, neglected and abused cats and dogs that wander the streets. There were no veterinarians in the area, and many of the people couldn’t afford veterinary care or cars to take their pet to the veterinarian. Thus begins Rose’s journey that leads to a passion that changes her life forever.

My first question for Alison was why write a fictional book instead of a biography about her own inspiring life?

“I have incredible respect for people who write a biography, to share that much of yourself,” she says. “It just wasn’t possible for me.” Alison tells me, however, that all the stories in the book are true, though times and names and some events have changed. “The spay and neuter clinic at the end of the book was created by putting together all the most interesting experiences I’d had over many years,” she says.

This is Alison’s second book, her first being No Urn for the Ashes. She has another book in the works though it’s not about rescue. “As far as the rescue,” she says, “I have more incredible dedicated volunteers than ever before, and we hope to get bigger and better every year to help as many animals as we can.”

The Dog Lady of Mexico is available through Amazon. Part of the book sales proceeds will go to Isla Animals. For more information about the rescue, go to or @IslaAnimals on Facebook. Alison says people can help through monthly donations or “just spreading the word that these animals need help makes a difference,” she says.

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