Ready for Super Sunday? Show Us Your Game-Day Pups!

It's the Super Bowl vs. the Puppy Bowl. Think your dog has what it takes? Submit your photos!

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

Just in case you were curious, there’s a bowl happening this Sunday, February 3, that isn’t the Puppy Bowl or the Bill Foundation’s Rescue Bowl. There’s a Super Bowl. It’s about football. Some dudes get together and toss a ball around. It incites such passion that people sometimes go rioting in the streets — even when their team wins. Crazy, we know!

Perhaps you just like to tune in for the famous Super Bowl commercials. These heavily fought-for smatterings of airtime call upon advertisers’ best efforts, since they’ve got the captive audience of millions of pairs of eyeballs. We’re going to be tuned into the Puppy Bowl, but we couldn’t help giggling at these starting-lineup comparisons.

When it comes to the Ravens’ Dennis Pitta versus 12-week-old Yorkie Daisy, it looks like the furry one has the advantage — especially when it comes to a squeaky ball.

The 49ers’ Aldon Smith has nothing on Chestnut, a 9-week-old Labrador-Australian Shepherd mix. Chestnut’s winning combination gives him brains, loyalty, and super agility.

OK, since we’re based in San Francisco and the 49ers are our team, we have to admit that we’re a little biased. But even though Colin Kaepernick is quarterback for the home team, when we look at him side by side with Harry, a little Doxie, we can’t help but imagine that a low center of gravity might just be more beneficial in a game in which people knock each other over.

And now, Dogster readers, we want to see your ready-for-game-day pups. Submit your photos below by clicking on the “Select Photos” button, and make sure to include your dog’s stats in the caption!

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