Look at These Stylish Dogs on Menswear Site Mr. Porter

The online retailer has gone to the dogs, dressing famous Instagram pups in its stylish clothes.
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While many clothing outfits have started featuring dogs modeling their clothes, men’s retail site Mr. Porter has done everybody one better: It’s put Instagram’s most famous fashion-forward dogs in its menswear. That means we have stylish dogs like Geordi La Corgi, Logan’s Look, Otis Barkington, Chango Leon, and Remix the Dog dolled up in a new round of bow ties, checkered shirts, scarfs, beanies, and sunglasses.

We can’t believe how cool these dogs look. These dogs are way out of our league. Can you imagine the treats that went into getting these dogs to behave so model-y before the camera? Or are they just that put together?

Take a look:

Photos via Mr. Porter.

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