Stuffies? Balls? Nope. My Dog Likes to Play Most With Something That Isn’t Even a Toy!

Trying out a new toy. (Photo by Karen Dibert)

My dog just celebrated his third birthday. Actually, I celebrated it. As usual, he was just happy to spend time with me, no matter what I was doing. I know you celebrate your dog’s birthday, too, right? We’re all pet parents here, so I’m sure you get it.

In preparation for Louie’s big day, I shopped everywhere I could think of. I didn’t want to miss something that would help make the day perfect. I went to local pet shops, big box pet stores, and online shops to find bargains for my special birthday pup. I scored well, and was super excited to gift him some unique toys that I knew he’d love.

Louie just celebrated turning 3 years old. (Photo by Karen Dibert)

Louie is pretty particular about his toys. He’s not really a player. He loves balls, and has quite a variety, but of course I had to get him a few more. He’s also started giving some attention to stuffies that squeak. He’ll play fetch with these, and give them a good chew when he’s done running after them (for about five minutes). I stocked up on a few stuffies, including one that’s a string of sausages, each with their own squeaker, so that Louie and our boy could play tug of war together.

Our son, Mikah, and other Frenchie, Jill, helping Louie celebrate. (Photo by Karen Dibert)

On Louie’s big day, he was tolerant of the balloons, mildly interested in the toys, and gave due attention to all the treats stuffed in his box of fun. Birthdays, to him, are just another day. (We stand to learn a lot from dogs this way.) Our boy was happy to play fetch with Louie and his new toys, and toss a ball around. Louie loved the interaction, when he was sure I wasn’t dispensing more treats.

Louie’s new squeaky sausage stuffie. (Photo by Karen Dibert)

When the party was over, I headed to the workroom to get some collars made for customers. Louie followed me because he always needs to be where I am. He laid at my feet, as per usual, then went in search of a toy to chew on to occupy his time. In addition to the new, fun things he had just received for his birthday, Louie has a collection of toys in the sewing room to have handy. He chose his very favorite toy today, and brought it back to my feet. Louie’s favorite toy is an empty thread spool.

Some things won’t change. His favorite toy is an empty thread spool. (Photo by Karen Dibert)

All those toys, all the money spent, all the time researching, and he will always prefer an empty thread spool. It’s like the equivalent of a kid playing with a box instead of a gift. I think most dogs prefer sticks to toys (except Louie, because he’s a seamstress’ dog). Each dog has a quirky trait like this, I’m sure, just like all people do. So what is your dog’s quirky trait? Does he have a favorite toy that he couldn’t live without, that’s not really a toy? Share in the comments!

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