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25 Stocking Stuffers for Dogs: 2024 Christmas Ideas

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

Golden Retriever with christmas tree background

25 Stocking Stuffers for Dogs: 2024 Christmas Ideas

Regardless of your opinions on the commercialization of Christmas, holiday gift-giving is an established tradition. If you’re looking for fun, quirky, or interesting small gifts this season, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some holiday stocking stuffers for dogs and their people.

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The 25 Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

1. Personalized Bandana

Frisco Personalized Blue Daisy Bandana

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Clothing/Accessories

Help your pup step out in style by stuffing their stockings with this personalized dog bandana. These adorable accessories are available in three sizes and fit dog names up to 13 characters. They’re also machine-washable and perfect for dogs who always find something to roll in outside.

2. Pawprint Hoop Earrings

Pawprint Hoop Earrings

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Jewelry

Dog people with a sense of style will love these cute pawprint hoop earrings, which help them look great while representing their favorite furry friend. They’re easy to put on and comfortable to wear, and the silver-plated hoops match any outfit.

They’re the perfect stocking stuffer for the dog and jewelry lover in your life!

3. Dental Treats

Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Treats

Show your dog you care about their health by stuffing their stocking with these tasty dental treats. The treats clean their teeth and freshen their breath. Plus, they’re a festive color. They’re easy to digest and contain vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. However, they’re not a substitute for professional cleanings by your vet.

4. Odor-Eliminating Candle

Pet House Lilac Garden Natural Plant-Based Wax Candle

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Housewares

Even the most dedicated dog lover will admit that their canine companions sometimes come with a bit of an odor. This plant-based, odor-eliminating candle is the perfect stocking stuffer for your friend with a smelly pup.

These vegan candles are hand-poured in the United States and contain no dyes, formaldehyde, or parabens. They have an odor neutralizer and provide 60 hours of clean burn time.

5. Kong Classic Toy

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Toy

Classics are classics for a reason, and this Kong toy makes the perfect stocking stuffer for almost any dog because of its versatility. You can use it as a chew toy, distraction for an anxious pup, or unpredictably bouncing fetch object.

Whatever you need, the Kong Classic can get the job done. This durable toy will make your dog’s holiday more enjoyable and is available in enough sizes to fit any dog’s mouth.

6. Dog Breed Coffee Mug

Pet Gifts USA My Faithful Friend Dog Breed Coffee Mug

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Housewares

For the dog lover in your life whose whole heart belongs to one breed, gift one of these gorgeous coffee mugs. With a beautiful, hand-painted portrait along with key traits of each featured breed, these jumbo coffee mugs are true collectibles.

They’re also microwave and top-rack dishwasher-safe.

7. Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Accessories

A collar might be an essential piece of dog gear, but it still makes an excellent stocking stuffer. What makes this one extra special is the reflective material that keeps your pup visible on nighttime walks and the ability to personalize up to 25 characters.

You’ll ensure anyone who finds your dog knows how to contact you. The collar is available in 5 colors and three adjustable sizes.

8. Personalized Dog Face Socks

Personalized Dog Face Socks



Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Clothing

These stocking stuffers come straight from your dog with love. Featuring a personalized photo of your beloved pet, these crew socks are made in the USA, soft, and comfortable. They’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life who’s also conscious of their carbon footprint!

9. Dog Boots

Muttluks Hott Doggers Dog Boot

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Accessories

If your holiday season includes cold, snow, and ice, stuff your dog’s stocking with these protective boots to enjoy a Christmas day walk. They’re available in multiple sizes, flexible, and fleece-lined for warmth. They’re also ideal for helping older dogs get traction on slippery indoor floors.

10. Travel Dog Food Container

Kurgo Kibble Carrier Travel Dog Food Container

Pawfect for: Dogs and dog people
Type of gift: Accessories

Dogs and their people will appreciate the convenience of this travel dog food carrier. It’s available in several stylish colors and allows you to pack up to 5 pounds of food, treats, and a travel bowl in one handy container.

The bag is ideal for outdoor adventures; it keeps moisture out and food fresh. It’s also machine-washable and folds up for easy storage until the next adventure.

11. Lick Mat

Lick Mat for Dogs Slow Feeder

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Toy

Whether your dog needs to eat slower or stay calmer, a lick mat can be just the tool you need. This 2-pack BPA-free, silicone lick mat set makes an excellent stocking stuffer for your dog. The mats stick to smooth surfaces, allowing you to spread peanut butter, canned food, or other tasty treats for your dog’s enjoyment.

They are also dishwasher-safe and can be placed in the freezer if needed.

12. Bath Brush

Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Grooming

Turn bathtime into a soothing massage session with this rubber bath brush. It’s easy to grip and soft on your dog’s skin, and the bristles help remove dead hair while providing an even deeper clean.

It can also be used out of the bath as a de-shedding tool and is ideal for the short-haired, messy dogs in your life.

13. Car Magnet

Oval Shaped Pet Magnets Rescued Dogs Rock

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Accessory

For the rescue dog parent in your life, this cute car magnet stocking stuffer will let them proclaim their love for their fur kids loud and proud. Made in the USA, this magnet is 4 inches x 6 inches and will stick to any metallic surface.

Who knows, maybe seeing this magnet on your car will encourage someone to rescue a dog themselves?

14. Calming Chews

Zesty Paws Calming Chews

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Treats

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, including your dog. You can stuff these calming chew treats into your pup’s stocking to ease the tension and soothe the Christmas nerves. They’re made with natural ingredients that relax your dog and have a yummy peanut butter flavor.

15. Paw and Nose Balm

Vets Preferred Paw Balm Pad Protector for Dogs

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Grooming

If you suffer from chapped hands and lips in the winter, you know the value of a good moisturizer. You can soothe your dog’s dry nose and cracked paws by adding this balm to their stocking this Christmas.

This non-toxic balm is made in the USA from multiple natural oils and waxes, and it helps heal and protect your dog’s feet from rough terrain and winter snow.

16. Doggy To-Do List

Dog Notepad Small to Do List Sticky Notes

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Stationary

For the dog lover who also loves to stay organized, these sticky note to-do lists are the perfect stocking stuffer. They’re available in several breeds or a generic “Dog Hugs” theme and are made in the USA from sustainably sourced materials.

They’re pocket-sized for convenience, practical, and perfectly adorable.

17. Ball Launcher


Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Toy

It might stick out the top of the stocking, but this ball launcher could also be your dog’s new favorite toy. It’s ideal for a dog whose favorite pastime is chasing a tennis ball as far as you can throw it, and the Chuck-it ball launcher will save your arm and entertain your pup at the same time.

It’s available in multiple sizes and keeps you from having to interact with slimy tennis balls.

18. Glass Paw Ornament

Frisco Paw Glass Personalized Ornament

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Home décor

Would Christmas be complete without at least one new ornament for next year’s tree? This simple yet elegant glass pawprint ornament is sure to be a popular stocking stuffer for the dog lovers in your life.

You can personalize it with the name of their beloved dog up to 12 characters. With a hanging ribbon, this ornament will catch the light and provide the perfect holiday glow to your tree.

19. Freeze-Dried Treats

Pupford Freeze Dried Puppy & Dog Training Treats

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Treats

Sometimes, treats don’t need to be anything other than delicious to make the perfect stocking stuffer. Fortunately, these freeze-dried training treats are also low-calorie and made from simple ingredients.

Your pup will find a favorite since they’re available in multiple flavors. They’re also the perfect rewards for training sessions.

20. Personalized Dog Tag

Premium 316 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tags

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Accessories

Keep your dog’s collar looking fancy by stuffing their stocking with one of these personalized, stainless steel ID tags in fun shapes. With room for a name on the front and your contact information on the back, these tags provide peace of mind in addition to looking cool.

With hand-polished edges for safety, the tags are available in multiple sizes.

21. Velvet Bow Tie

Frisco Green Velvet Dog & Cat Bow Tie

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Accessories

Get your dog dressed up for those holiday family photos with this posh green velvet bow tie. It’s available in two sizes and is easy to attach and remove once you get your photo. The bowtie is light and easy to wear, and it will make your dog the talk of your holiday party.

22. Dog Paper Clips

Cute Paper Clips Dog Shaped

Pawfect for: Dog people
Type of gift: Office supplies

Keep boring papers organized in the most adorable way with these cute dog-shaped paper clips. For the dog-loving student or avid reader in your life, this is the perfect stocking stuffer. They come in a handy storage container, and you can choose between 80 or 120 clips.

23. Dog Deodorizer Spray

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray Dog Spray Deodorizer

Pawfect for: Dogs
Type of gift: Grooming

You can stuff this deodorizing dog cologne in your pup’s stocking to keep them smelling fresh between baths all year long. It’s hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, alcohol-free, and available in three scents.

You can use this moisturizing spray to enhance your dog’s regular grooming sessions and improve their coat health.

24. Can Covers

ORE Pet Can Cover

Pawfect for: Dogs and dog people
Type of gift: Housewares

Keep your dog’s leftovers fresh with these handy and adorable paw-shaped can covers. The double-pack of silicone covers is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Each cover has three rims to allow it to fit multiple can sizes. Dogs and humans can appreciate this practical stocking stuffer.

25. No-Stuffing Squeaky Toys

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

  • Pawfect for: Dogs
  • Type of gift: Toy


For the dog who loves stuffed toys and the humans who hate cleaning up after them, these no-stuffing squeakers are the perfect mix. They have multiple squeakers but no stuffing to shred and leave all over the house.

They’re also machine-washable for easy cleaning. Remember to supervise your pup when they’re playing with toys and discard them when they’re damaged or filthy.

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These stocking stuffers offer a little something for everyone when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Whether you’re looking for presents for your pet or a casual dog-loving acquaintance, you’ll find a gift on our list, no matter which winter holiday you celebrate.

If you aren’t sure whether a dog has food allergies, avoid stuffing their stocking with edible presents.

Featured Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

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