10 Stocking Stuffers for Dogs and Their People

Delight and entertain with these small, inexpensive gifts.

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Stocking stuffers may be small and inexpensive, but like my dog Ace, they are mighty, cute, whimsical, and often a delightful surprise. Stocking stuffers go a long way in spreading good cheer to anyone on your list, either by themselves, in combination, or as an accent to a larger gift. Finding the perfect stocking stuffer can be challenging, but luckily you’ve come to Dogster, where we’ve scoured the bounty of the Internet to bring you the top 10 greatest stocking stuffers for dogs and their people.

1. Temporary Dog Tattoos by Tattly ($5)

Give the gift of regret-free fashion and fun with these artistically driven, non-toxic temporary tattoos. Artist Ann Boyajian’s German Shepherd, Poodle, and Pug tats will put a smile on your dog-loving friends. Packaged in sets of two, the price includes shipping.

2. Orbee-Tuff Coal Chew Toy by Planet Dog ($9.95)

Know a dog who has been bad but adorable this year? Put a chewy lump of coal in her stocking! This chew toy was rated five out of five chompers, meaning it’s built to accommodate the biggest chewers on your shopping list. Non-toxic and made in the U.S.A.

3. Musher’s Secret Wax Paw Protection ($8.57 for 2.1 ounces via Amazon)

This wax balm builds a barrier between a dog’s paws and the environment. It is free of petroleum and contains vitamin E to soften paws as it protects them. Good for salted, snow-covered pavement, Musher’s is also great for hot surfaces like sand and asphalt.

4. Dog Felt Keychain by Crate & Barrel ($9.95)

This keychain is simple, iconic, and a cheerful holiday red. It would stand guard over a set of keys or could accent a backpack’s zipper pull. Made in the U.S.A. of merino wool.

5. All Natural Licorice Scotties by Gibmals ($4.29 for an 11.5 ounce bag)

Candy is always a welcome gift, especially when it’s free of the eight most common allergens and gluten. These licorice candies are the real deal, made with licorice root and anise for the ultimate licorice candy flavor. They’re also shaped like Scottie dogs!

6. iClick Clicker by Karen Pryor ($1.85)

A clicker makes a great stocking stuffer because it’s small, inexpensive, and encourages the creation of good habits and mental stimulation. I like this particular clicker because it is easy to use, not too loud, and comes in fun colors. Grab a package of five for $8.25 and check a few dog lovers off your list.

7. Pawdicure Polish Pen by Warren London ($8.95 via wag.com)

If the idea of painting a dog’s nails frightens you, Warren London will put those fears to rest. Their dog nail polish is easy to apply, non-toxic, quick drying, and removable with non-acetone nail polish remover. Festive!

8. Love Your Breed Luggage Tags by foufou ($9.99)

These sturdy PVC tags come in a variety of different breeds, all adorable and ready to attach to luggage, a backpack, a dog carrier, or anything that needs to carry your name and a little extra cuteness.

9. Dog-Themed Magnets by Three Dog Bakery ($4.99 each)

These sassy, colorful magnets measure 2.5 x 3.25 inches.

10. Homemade Dog Treats (almost free)

Nothing will please your favorite dog more than a stocking full of treats. Make them yourself for an added personal touch, and to avoid any doggie allergens or intolerances. In my experience, many dog treat recipes are easier than boiling water. You can find plenty of recipes free online. Ace’s favorite comes from 3mbakery, banana oat cookies. We make them with gluten free oats, and the humans enjoy them as much as Ace does (seriously, these things are addictive, especially for breakfast)!

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