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250+ Spanish Dog Names With Meanings for Male & Female Dogs

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

Spanish Dog Names

250+ Spanish Dog Names With Meanings for Male & Female Dogs

There are many Spanish dog breeds like the Spanish Mastiff, Spanish Pointer, and Spanish Water Dog. However, Spanish dog names are not reserved only for Spanish breeds. If your perrito is in need of a great Spanish name, you’ll want to go beyond basics. There are some pretty amazing Spanish dog names, not to mention cute and funny options, too.

Here are over 250 Spanish dog names male and female dogs will love responding to! Whether you’re adopting a Mexican dog breed like the Chihuahua or Xōlōitzcuintli, want to honor your Spanish heritage, or just love the Spanish language, we hope this list helps you find the perfect nombre.


Spanish Dog Names for Female Dogs

Ibizan Hound
Image By: Sally Wallis, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for Spanish dog names that female dogs will love, this is the list for you. Your little senorita deserves a beautiful, cute, or cool name. Choose from great options like Mercedes, Carmen, and Esmeralda!

  • Beatriz
  • Anna
  • Belen
  • Josefina
  • Bebe
  • Blanca
  • Elena
  • Perdita
  • Pilar
  • Bonita
  • Cruz
  • Melia
  • Melosa
  • Valencia
  • Ventura
  • Veronica
  • Frida
  • Gitana
  • Zoila
  • Vida
  • Manzana
  • Delores
  • Elsa
  • Niña
  • Mercedes
  • Natalia
  • Rosita
  • Neva
  • Esmeralda
  • Maria
  • Nevada
  • Carmen
  • Juana
  • Emilia
  • Eva
  • Paloma
  • Nita
  • Olinda
  • Patia
  • Madonna
  • Yolanda
  • Tasia
  • Pinta
  • Risa
  • Rima
  • Rosa
  • Carlota
  • Ines
  • Dalia

Spanish Dog Names for Male Dogs

Spanish Mastiff_Marcelino Pozo Ruiz_Shutterstock
Image By: Marcelino Pozo Ruiz, Shutterstock

Is your dog an hombre? Here’s our extensive list of Spanish dog names male pups will adore. Depending on your dog’s personality, you may want something serious, like Pablo, Felipe, Guillermo, or something a little more fun. From Tamale to Zorro, here are the best Spanish names for male dogs.

  • Alonzo
  • Beto
  • Armando
  • Consuelo
  • Inigo
  • Esteban
  • Pablo
  • Eduardo
  • Orlando
  • Paco
  • Pancho
  • Tio
  • Bernardo
  • Juan
  • Villa
  • Sebastian
  • Emilio
  • Vicente
  • Tamale
  • Pepito
  • Felipe
  • Enrique
  • Montoya
  • Paulo
  • Ricardo
  • Raul
  • Santana
  • Sergio
  • Roberto
  • Rodrigo
  • Rodan
  • Socorro
  • Rio
  • Cortez
  • Rico
  • Luís
  • Guillermo
  • Carlos
  • Javier
  • Zorro
  • Dante
  • Alejandro

Spanish Dog Names With Meanings

Spanish Galgo greyhound dog
Image By: Pixabay

All names have meanings, but some have particularly meaningful origins. Here are the best Spanish dog names with meanings. Show your thoughtfulness and love for your favorite dog!

  • Corazon (Heart)
  • Esperanza (Hope)
  • Cielo (Sky/Heaven)
  • Alma (Soul)
  • Tierra (Earth)
  • Felicia (Happy)
  • Flor (Flower)
  • Arcoiris (Rainbow)
  • Luz (Light)
  • Toro (Bull)
  • Navidad (Christmas)
  • Fuego (Fire)
  • Dulce (Sweet)
  • Bella (Beautiful)
  • Perro (Dog)
  • Estrella (Star)
  • Gitano (Gypsy)
  • Verdad (Truth)
  • Abeja (Bee)
  • Hombre (Man)
  • Arbol (Tree)
  • Sueño (Dream)
  • Sonrisa (Smile)
  • Bendito (Blessed)
  • Sombra (Shadow)
  • Agua (Water)
  • Mañana (Tomorrow)
  • Nieve (Snow)
  • Luna (Moon)
  • Matador (Killer)
  • Noche (Night)
  • Encantada (Enchanted)
  • Arriba (Up)
  • Brisa (Breeze)
  • Brillante (Brilliant)

Cute Spanish Dog Names

labradoodle puppy with dog bowl
Image by: litthouse, Pixabay

Sometimes, you just want an adorable name. Here are the top cute Spanish dog names for males and females. Name your furry friend after your favorite Latin American food, artist, city, or even number. Madrid, here we come!

  • Churro
  • Taco
  • Pequeñito
  • Raton
  • Dos
  • Bilbao
  • Emperador
  • Queso
  • Flan
  • Jamón
  • Ita
  • Sombrero
  • Picasso
  • Madrid
  • Rey
  • Señorita
  • Uno
  • Chiquita
  • Dalí
  • Reina
  • Galleta
  • Canela
  • Oro
  • Abuelita
  • Amor
  • Carmelita
  • Burrito
  • Princesa
  • Pan

Funny Spanish Dog Names

chihuahua puppy_Manuela Federspiel_Pixabay
Image by: Manuela Federspiel, Pixabay

Some names are elegant, but others are just plain hilarious. If you’re looking for a funny Spanish dog name, these are your best options. Give your crazy or goofy dog a name they can really live up to.

  • Bandido (Bandit)
  • Grande (Large)
  • Leon (Lion)
  • Gigante (Giant)
  • Bombilla (Light bulb)
  • Almuerzo (Lunch)
  • Loco (Crazy)
  • Tonto (Stupid)
  • Lobo (Wolf)
  • Frijol (Bean)
  • Mezcal
  • Enchilada
  • Chorizo (Sausage)
  • Diablo (Devil)
  • Quesadilla
  • Elefante (Elephant)
  • Margarita
  • Gato (Cat)
  • Cuchillo (Knife)
  • Viernes (Friday)
  • Tequila


Final Thoughts

Ready to choose your pup’s new name? We hope you’ve found the perfect Spanish dog name for the newest member of your family. Whether you’re from a Spanish-speaking country or just enjoy visiting, this language is full of amazing names. Give your Spanish Water Dog a fitting name, or name your Golden Retriever after your favorite country, character, or food. No matter where your dog’s breed originated, there’s probably a great Spanish name that will be perfect. There are so many excellent options!

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