It’s Hard to Talk About Senior Dogs Without Mentioning Dogster’s Own Beasley

We start our senior dog features at Dogster HQ with Beasley, a Pekingese who shows that dogs can get better -- and a lot weirder -- with age.

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While I wait for more nominations from our Dogster community, I thought I’d kick off our month of seniors with the one and only Beasley, also known as Bee Knee, That There, The Beez, and 3-B. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and I want to take this time to highlight our very own Dogster senior members.

I believe that a lot of people hesitate to adopt older dogs because they feel they’re getting less of a dog. I’ll admit that, at one point, had I been looking for a dog to adopt, I probably would have shied from getting a dog older than five. Like most problematic things in the world, the issue really was my ignorance — not the dogs themselves. It wasn’t until I met Miss Beasley of Community Manager Lori Malm that I learned, in many ways, how senior dogs can be more interesting than their juniors. I’m not that old myself, but when I look back on who I was, I see a lot of insecurity. As I’ve aged I’ve become more comfortable with who I am. With wisdom and experiences, I believe, I’m a more much intriguing person these days, and I look forward to further self-realization as I get older.

But back to Beasley! As an older dog, she definitely has a prominent personality. At first I didn’t know what to do with the one-eyed ball of fur, but then I spent a weekend dog-sitting her, and in the comfort of her own home, I witnessed all the facets of her charming personality. I was surprised to learn that, like younger dogs, Beasley is occasionally overcome with a case of the zoomies! When Beasley comes to the office, she trundles about the open floor, taking care of business only she is privy to.

Beasley was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles, probably surrendered because her former owner didn’t want anything to do with an aging dog. It’s that person’s loss! Because here is our Beasley, a star of Dogster’s senior community members. If you’re considering adopting a dog, please think about bringing an older dog home.

I’m still looking for senior Dogster nominations, so if you know a Dogster member who deserves some recognition, nominate her here.

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