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Satos Collars Help Street Dogs in Puerto Rico Get Vaccinations

Proceeds from Ryan Hebert's business go to a charity called Island Dog.

 |  Dec 28th 2012  |   1 Contribution

The Sato, or the Puerto Rican street dog, has a loyal following all over the United States. Some kind folks rescue and rehome these mutts, while others do their part to raise awareness of their singular, superfine sweetness, hoping that more people will want to adopt.

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Some of the satos Ryan spotted on her recent trip to Puerto Rico.

One of these active awareness-raisers is Ryan Hebert of Atlanta, who was deeply moved by the sight of strays wandering the streets and beaches on a recent vacation trip to the island.

Upon her return home, she resolved to create a business that would give back -- much like Toms Shoes, which provides footwear to children in need for every pair sold in the U.S. The enterprise she started makes dog collars and leashes called, appropriately, Satos Collars.

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Rooney models a Satos collar and leash.

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Raven models

Manufactured with vintage trim and U.S.-made nylon and hardware, the collars aim to look good and do good. For every collar sold, Hebert promises that one Sato will be vaccinated through the pet charity Island Dog of Puerto Rico.

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Cooper models a collar.

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Ryan, Sato Collars' founder, with a friend's dogs.

As mi perro Latino-Americano Lazaro would say: Bien hecho, senorita!


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