Santa & Me Photo Booth

Miss Willie from Liz Reed
Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by Natasha Medvetsky
Roxy & Lexi from Tonya Drach
Kody Bear & Bella Mia from Marilyn Wetter
Teague of the Never Bean Better pack
Tank from Trudie Harrington
Liza from Jonnie Ball Poer
Bella, Beasley, Sadie & Birdee from Denise Fain Bast
Loki from Audi Johnston
Skye & Sam from Rebecca Decker
Frosty from Rhonda James
Elvis from Rich Endean-Evans
Bex from Tammy Wallace
Louie (in front of Santa) from Steve Bravard
Dexter from Tori Morrison
Fionn from Amber Lee
Daisy Marie from Sandy Post
Gabbie from Darlene Shandorf D’amato
Dante from Carol Panter

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