Romo the Dog: Famous for Just Hangin’ Out of His D.C. Window

He's called "The King of Adams Morgan," but his rule ends soon -- he's headed to the suburbs.


Romo is a dog who got famous by hanging his big, lumbering body out the window of his home in Washington, D.C., and watching the goings on, all day long. How could you not love this?

Oh man, that sign.

Of course, people who hit the jackpot in life and get to live near Romo in Adams Morgan have made it a priority to often walk by and say hello. They take pictures and yell to him and call him the “The King of Adams Morgan,” because he fits the job description. He just sits there and gazes out, big, impassive. A large dog.

Madeline Billhimer, a dog walker who has put Romo’s window on her route, tells WTOP, “He’s always in the window, looking. He doesn’t bark; he doesn’t do anything — even if my dogs react.”

When pressed, Billhimer admits that, yes, she’s always wanted to walk Romo.

As for how Romo figured out what he wanted to do in life, that happened years ago, according to his owners, Tiffany Bacon and Peter Scourby. One day Bacon was cleaning the apartment, opened up the window, and boom. A king was crowned.

“All of a sudden, I looked over and he was hanging out the window,” Bacon says.

She quickly closed it, but Romo had made up his mind to rule. In the time that followed, he was at the window all the time, “perched at the glass.”

“He demanded the window to be open,” Bacon tells WTOP.

If it was cracked, he nosed it all the way open. Finally, Bacon gave in and allowed His Lordship to take his rightful seat.

“At 5:30 a.m., we’ll open [the window] up, and he’ll be out there, ready, just waiting for the buses,” says Scourby. “When we’re home, it’s open.”

Quickly, his fame grew, and by all accounts he was benevolent ruler.

“He knows all the dogs in the neighborhood. Some he cries for because they have a really good relationship. Rosie is one of his girlfriends,” Bacon says. “He just waits for people to come by. The same people get on the bus and off the bus, and they’ll just be like, ‘Hey Romo.'”

Of course, people take their engagement photos in front of Romo.

But in October, it all ends. Romo is heading to the suburbs, Arlington, with his parents. Romo will get a yard, but he will lose so much.

“I’m a little sad because he doesn’t know anything else; all he knows is this house,” Bacon tells WTOP. “He loves the city; he loves going to the park; his dog walker is his best friend in the entire world. He’s going to be devastated.”

It’s the end of the Romo era. Let’s hope the new owners have a Great Dane or something.

Photos via Instagram and Romo’s Facebook page


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