Watch Videos of Robert the Border Collie Herd Ducks, Pigs, and Goats

The "Will It Herd?" YouTube series pits Robert against farm animals to see if they'll herd, and we're totally hooked.


Border Collies are built to herd, but it takes a special type of person to wonder exactly what Border Collies are built to herd. Sheep, sure. But ducks? What about ducks? Can a Border Collie herd ducks? That’s the million dollar question, one which Petcentric’s “Will It Herd?” YouTube series attempts to answer in the most adorable way. It pits Robert, a Border Collie with a most correct name, against a variety of farm-type animals to see if they succumb to the charms of a herding maestro.

This first video is Robert herding ducks. At the start of the video, we were convinced that a Border Collie herding ducks around gates to Spaghetti Western music was as good as it gets. But then Robert herds the ducks up some stairs, down a slide, and into a children’s pool, which is the prefect place for ducks. Everybody should have a Robert herding them into a children’s pool.

Then Robert was tasked with herding some pigs. And pigs, as you very well know from your days watching Bonanza in those weird years after college, don’t like to be herded. So Robert got backup in the form of Sage, an Australian Shepherd. Sage herds those pigs like they’re sheep on a Scottish hillside or soccer hooligans at a pub. She herds them into a patch of mud, through a tunnel, and into a children’s pool, which is also a perfect place for pigs (the ducks had gone off to the spa or for a round of golf, we assume).

Robert has less success with goats, because one baby goat just isn’t ready to be herded. Give her time, Robert. Baby goat needs love. Baby goat needs to want to be herded.

What’s next for Robert?

How about cats?

Please please please.

Via IO9

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