Watch This Remarkable Cattle Dog Bring His Master a Beer

The faithful dog also remembers to close the fridge door on the way back!
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As an honorable cat owner since time in memorial, I haven’t come across many situations in which I secretly wished I’d chosen a pooch instead of embracing the feline side. Until I saw a stupendous viral video. It features a cattle dog, beer, and a healthy dose of human lethargy.

With the simple-but-stern command of “I’m parched,” the distinguished canine in question scoots off toward the other end of the kitchen, finagles the fridge door open, pulls out a frosty brew, remembers to close the door (global warming and all that), and then trots back to his canny master to hand over the goods. It is an enviable 37 seconds of perfect pet utility.

Many has been the time when I’ve been sitting there, say on a Saturday morning, watching a game only to realize that by some mysterious trickery my beer is nearly empty. Alas, my cat Mimosa proves to be of far less use than a cattle dog in such situations — although she does show a burgeoning interest in licking the top of a bottle of seasonal pumpkin beer. Progress, I guess.

You can enjoy the full cattle dog video here:

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