Recipe: Doggie Trail Mix

Doggie trail mix. Photography by Samantha Meyers.
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I love snacks on the go. I’ll often fill my pockets with dog food for daily walks and training, but sometimes everyday kibble isn’t enough to get the pups interested. So I’ve started creating a mix of dog-friendly snacks that are pocket friendly for a dog on the go. You can get creative with doggie trail mix. Use what you have in the house and what you and your dog like to eat! It’s a great way to clean out the pantry.

What you’ll need for Doggie Trail Mix:

Unsweetened cereal like Cheerios.
Make the doggie trail mix using unsweetened cereal like Cheerios. Photography by Samantha Meyers.

•  Kibble — when it’s mixed in, no one notices that it’s what’s for dinner
•  Dehydrated fruit, veggies and meat
•  Dry dog treats
•  Unsweetened cereal (like Cheerios)
•  Unsalted pretzels
•  Plastic sandwich bag or mason jar

How to make Doggie Trail Mix:

Unsalted pretzels are another good ingredient for doggie trail mix. Photography by Samantha Meyers.
  1. Gather ingredients, break them into appropriately sized pieces for your dog
  2. Dehydrate fruit, veggies and meat — I often buy this already done. There are lots of great fruits, veggies and meats on the market now (for both humans and dogs) that are plain and don’t contain added ingredients. But if you want to make your own, cut up your ingredients, place them on a baking tray in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Check and rotate every 30 minutes until ingredients are dry. This can take a while, so do it on a day you are home with no plans to leave.
  3. Place ingredients in the bag or jar. Notice I don’t have specific amounts or a recipe for this one. I like to make kibble and dried veggies/meat the bulk of my mix, followed by items like the dog treats, cereal and pretzels. This way it’s healthy, but keeps your dog guessing at what’s coming next.

Thumbnail: Photography by Samantha Meyers.

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