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Puppy Dog Eyes: A Recent Development

Jackie Brown  |  Oct 28th 2019

Who can resist the sweet pleading of puppy dog eyes? New research suggests that dogs actually evolved new muscles to allow them to give people soulful gazes in order to better communicate with us. A study published in June in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, compared the anatomy and behavior of dogs and wolves, and concluded that domesticated dogs developed a muscle that gave them the ability to raise the inner eyebrow. The researchers also believe that “expressive eyebrows” in dogs seem to compel humans to want to take care of them.

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Pet expert Jackie Brown has spent 20 years following her passion for animals as a writer and editor in the pet publishing industry. She is contributing writer for National Geographic’s Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness: The Veterinarian’s Approach to At-Home Animal Care (April 2019) and author of the book It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Making Sense of Animal Phrases (Lumina Press, 2006). Jackie is a regular contributor to pet and veterinary industry media and is the former editor of numerous pet magazines, including Dog World, Natural Dog, Puppies 101, Kittens 101 and the Popular Cats Series. Prior to starting her career in publishing, Jackie spent eight years working in veterinary hospitals where she assisted veterinarians as they treated dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds and one memorable lion cub. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons and miniature poodle Jäger. Reach her at