Play-Dead-A-Palooza Calls Attention to Tainted Dog Treats

The event aims to educate people about tainted Chinese jerky by setting a record for dogs playing dead.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

With the constant onslaught of recalls and warnings about tainted treats from China, giving your pup a tasty snack has come to feel like a game of Russian roulette. If chicken jerky made for humans was suddenly killing off hundreds of people, there would probably be an immediate halt to its import, but the unfortunate fact is that these treats are still available in pet shops throughout the United States. While we’ve always carefully considered what we put in our dogs’ bodies, we know have to take time to read the fine print.

In an effort to raise awareness, Bixbi Pet Products and Recordsetter is holding a Play-Dead-A-Palooza this weekend in Boulder, CO. Trying to warn the public about the dangers of jerky treats from China, the event hopes to set its own record for the most dogs playing dead at the same time (just playing dead — all dogs involved are alive and well).

With an alarming number of dogs becoming sick or dying after eating Chinese-manufactured chicken jerky treats, it’s become an epidemic that warrants more than just a recall. By gathering a record-setting number of dogs in one park to play dead, Play-Dead-A-Palooza hopes to bring attention to a scary situation in a playful way, so that no more humans have to suffer as Terry did when Samson — her Fox Terrier mix — died as a result of consuming tainted treats.

Find out more information at the Facebook event page.

Will your dog be playing dead as part of Play-Dead-A-Palooza?

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