Pinto the Chihuahua Has a Brain Tumor and a Bucket List

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Prepare yourself for a real tearjerker.

An 8-year-old Chihuahua named Pinto is, sadly, coming close to the end of her days on earth. Before she checks out for good, she’s come up with a bucket list of activities and experiences to complete, and she has been sharing the results on her Facebook page in a bid to raise awareness of hospice dogs in rescues and shelters. Here’s a peek at what Pinto’s achieved so far.

Who’s Pinto?

Meet sweet Pinto. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

Last July, Pinto was left at the Contra Costa Animal Services in California. She was clearly in pain and suffering from injuries. As her website puts it, “The poor dog was absolutely terrified, and she had a huge wound on her head.”

Thanks to the Umbrella of Hope organization, moves were made to help Pinto out. Unfortunately, while she was being examined, a brain tumor was discovered. Pinto was not going to survive.

That’s when she came up with her bucket list.

Do you want to build a snowman?

She did! (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

Earlier this month, Pinto got to enjoy a classic winter session. “So, I had a super fun, really cool snow day where we ate pancakes and then played in the snow and built a snowman,” she told her followers.

“I sniffed around a lot, rode on this disc thing that flew over the snow, and built a very cute snowman, if I say so myself.”

A real burger hound

Pinto loves her burgers. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

“I said I wanted to put ‘eat a burger’ on my bucket list like eleven-seventy times, and all of these cool people keep helping me do that!” said Pinto.

Now that she’s satiated her fast food cravings, Pinto’s next mission is to see if a Bay Area-based restaurant will name a special burger after her. It’s unclear what her signature toppings would be.


Spa day! (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

Pinto certainly deserves to get in as much relaxation time as possible. She recently indulged in a full-on spa day that included aromas of lavender and calendula, a massage, a belly exfoliation (for her apparent blackheads), and the joys of the hot towel.

A freewheelin’ pooch

Pinto on the move. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

Riding a bike was a key activity on Pinto’s bucket list — and it’s one she successfully checked off back in February. As you can see, it was important for her to color coordinate the adventure in a bright shade of pink.

The silver screen

At the movies. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

With the help of “two crazy ladies,” Pinto got to fulfill her goal of checking out a movie. “We didn’t get the best pictures because it was dark, but I had a blast,” she yelped.

Having viewed the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler flick Sisters, Pinto gave it four paws and one tail up. She also had some popcorn, possibly washed down with a burger.

The beautiful bride. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

Going to the chapel

One of Pinto’s bigger wishes was to get married, which she did to a dog named Rembrandt whom she hooked up with in her foster home. Alas, Rembrandt was sick, too, and passed away soon after their big day, although they did get to spend happy times together sharing cuddles and snacks.

Pinto’s legacy

You are wonderful, Pinto. (Photo courtesy Pinto’s Bucket List on Facebook)

“Maybe some people will read my story and offer to provide hospice care to animals at their local shelters and rescues,” wrote Pinto in February of this year, expressing her lasting wish to the world. “Wouldn’t that be awesome and stuff?”

Visit Pinto’s Facebook page to follow the progress of her bucket list (and help out with her campaign to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show).

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