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10 Amazing Off-Leash Dog Parks in the UK in 2024 You Won’t Want to Miss

Written by: Keri-Beth Clur

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

girl and her dog walking in the park

10 Amazing Off-Leash Dog Parks in the UK in 2024 You Won’t Want to Miss

Off-leash parks are a great place to give your dog the freedom to run, explore, and socialize with other dogs and people. These parks often have fenced-off sections within an existing park to prevent your dog from escaping or getting lost. Owners also benefit from off-leash parks because they’re able to socialize with other dog owners. There are usually public toilets available, as well as coffee trucks.

The UK has many beautiful and well-loved parks. Many of these allow your dog to go off their leash in certain areas or months of the year. No matter where you are, there is sure to be an off-leash park nearby.

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The 10 Amazing Off-Leash Dog Parks in the UK

1. Bedfont Lakes Country Park

️ Address: Bedfont Road/Clockhouse Lane, TW14
Open Times: 8am­ – 8:30pm daily
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in the two dog areas
  • Only around 2 miles from Heathrow Airport, which is a 5-minute drive
  • Dogs need to be on their leashes throughout the park, except for the two fenced off-leash dog areas
  • The dog areas are huge, giving your dog plenty of space to run freely
  • There are picnic tables, benches, and dog waste bins for you to use
  • There is a car park that is accessible to the park

2. Aldersbrook Avenue Recreation Ground

️ Address: Aldersbrook Avenue, Enfield, EN1 3JD
Open Times: Open 8 am­–9:30 pm from Monday to Saturday and 8:30 am on Sundays
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in the dog area
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • There are waste bins for your dog’s poop bags and general waste
  • Children can have fun in the play area next to the sectioned-off dog area
  • The dog area is a good size for running around but not so big that you could lose sight of your dog
  • This park has recently been renovated

3. Lillie Road Recreation Ground

️ Address: Lillie Road Recreation Ground, Fulham Palace Road, W6 8JA
Open Times: Always open
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in sectioned-off areas
  • The off-leash section is on the southern part of the park
  • The dog run enclosure is fenced off, but the fence isn’t very high, and large breed dogs could jump over it
  • The park gets very muddy after the rain, so bear that in mind when you’re picking a park for your dog to run around in
  • You can walk your dog in this park anytime because it stays open and doesn’t have a fee

4. Ridgeway Park

️ Address: Old Church Road, Chingford, E4 6RS
Open Times: Open 7 am–8 pm Tuesday to Sunday and closes at 4 pm on Mondays
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in the dog enclosure
  • The dog enclosure has a well-maintained lawn that is of medium size
  • The dog park is excellent for socialization and training
  • Children also enjoy this park as there is a play area, a miniature steam train on Sundays, a tennis court, and ice cream for sale
  • Coffee and tea are available at the shop where you pay for the tennis courts, but they only accept cash
  • There are public toilets

5. Kelvingrove Park

️ Address: 6 Professors’ Square, Glasgow G3 6BY
Open Times: Always open
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, if they’re well-trained
  • Kelvingrove is a stunning and active park with a skate park, bowling greens, and tennis courts
  • Due to how busy this park often is, only well-trained dogs are allowed to walk off-leash on the many trails. If they’re still in training, it’s encouraged to rather walk them on their leash
  • This park is wheelchair friendly
  • Paid parking is available
  • The peaceful atmosphere makes you feel like you’re far from Glasgow city center, even though you’re not

6. Callander K9

️ Address: Field 3, Mollands Rd, Straight, Callander FK17 8JJ
Open Times: Open 9 am–6 pm from Monday to Friday, 9 am–2 pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays
Cost: From £8.00
Off-Leash: Yes, once inside the playground
  • Callander K9 offers a variety of playground options, such as the Puppy Sensory Playpark, Group Playground, and Exclusive Playground
  • You’re allowed to bring a maximum of three dogs at a time when using the exclusive playground
  • In the group playground option, a trainer is always present and will give you advice about your dog
  • If you book the exclusive playground, your dog can be alone, which is great for nervous dogs, bonding, puppies, training, or inviting a few of your friends to join you while your dog runs freely
  • Dog beds are in each playground for resting, while water, poo bags, and sanitizer are provided by the park

7. Ryecroft Meadow

️ Address: Old Wrexham Rd, Gresford, Wrexham LL12 8UA
Open Times: Open 7 am–8 pm from Monday to Friday and 8 am–6 pm on Saturday and Sunday
Cost: From £7.50
Off-Leash: Yes, once inside the secure fields
  • You can book one of three fields for private use for up to three dogs. Hiring slots are available for 30 or 50 minutes
  • You’re able to book your slot online, to prevent arriving with your dogs and having no open fields to use
  • Agility equipment is available for your dog to use
  • Balls are around for your dog to play with, and water bowls with fresh water are provided

8. Northumberland Park

️ Address: Tynemouth Rd, Tyne and Wear, North Shields NE30 2ES
Open Times: Open 10:30 am–4 pm daily
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Dogs are allowed to run without a leash at Northumberland Park unless asked not to due to maintenance, etc.
  • Poo bags are available, and water bowls are provided to hydrate your dogs
  • You and your dog can walk among the old pet cemetery and read a bit about their extraordinary lives
  • It has a lake, café, benches, and a bandstand
  • There is also a playground and public toilets

9. Manor House Gardens

️ Address: Taunton Rd, London SE13 5SU
Open Times: Open 8 am–8 pm daily
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in the enclosed area
  • Dogs aren’t allowed to run free in the main park, but there is a big off-leash exercise area
  • The gardens are beautiful, and there is a river that runs next to it
  • There is a drinking fountain for you and your dog, but you’ll have to bring your own dog bowl
  • The café sells food for people and has a few options for dogs too
  • There are plenty of ducks, swans, and pigeons in and around the pond, which is in a no-dog zone

10. Pasley Park

️ Address: 39 Chapter Rd, London SE17 3ES
Open Times: Always open
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes, in the fenced-off areas
  • Lovely, clean, and quiet
  • There are three enclosed off-leash exercise areas that vary in size for dogs to enjoy
  • Each enclosed area has benches and waste bins for your convenience
  • Adventure play area for children to keep busy while their dogs are exercising


The UK has parks of all shapes and sizes, some well-known and others tucked away. Most parks in the UK allow you to walk your dog on a leash and have fenced-off areas where they can be let off their leash to run freely. Other types of parks have playgrounds for dogs with agility courses that you can hire or a period of time so that your dog can exercise without having to encounter other dogs. With so many options, you can easily find the type of dog park that suits your dog’s needs best!

Featured Image Credit: Ljupco Smokovski, Shutterstock

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