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270 Korean Dog Names: Ideas for Your Unique Pup

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

Korean Dog Names

270 Korean Dog Names: Ideas for Your Unique Pup

The Korean Peninsula is simply blooming with natural beauty (just like your dog), so what better way to honor your pooch than with a Korean name? Best of all, the beautiful Korean language has plenty of options for you.

So, if you’ve decided to bestow a lovely Korean name on your lucky dog, feel free to dive into our varied selection of favorites below.

How to Name Your Dog

First of all, we think naming your dog should be an exciting time rather than a stressful one, so we recommend taking your time to pick a name you love. It’s a good idea to “try on” a name you like for a few days to see if it truly sounds right to you. After all, you’ll be using the name an awful lot.

Our second tip is to think about your dog’s personality traits, quirks, and appearance, as these factors are useful for finding a name. For example, if your dog loves to swim, you could choose a name like Bada, which means “ocean” in Korean. If they have blue eyes, you could call them Param, meaning “blue/green.”

There are no rules for the name you choose, but short names are less of a mouthful and tend to get a better response from dogs.

Male Korean Dog Names

Korean Jindo in the yard
Image Credit: jamongcreator, Shutterstock

Here are our top picks for your handsome male dog. We’ve included meanings to make choosing a little easier.

  • Seok: “Stone”
  • Oppa: “Older brother”
  • Ji-ho: “Wisdom” or “brave/fierce”
  • Baek-hyeon: “Virtuous brother”
  • Si-woo: “Begin” (Si) and “rain” or “protection” (woo)
  • Min-jun: “Clever” or “talented”
  • Kyu: “Spirituality” or “model”
  • Haru: “Day”
  • Su-jin: “Long life” (Su) and “precious” (jin)
  • Jin: “Precious” or “jewel”
  • Kwang: “Wild” or “light”
  • Jum: “King” or “ruler”
  • Seo-jun: “Auspicious” or “handsome”
  • Chul: “Iron” or “firm”
  • U-jin: “Genuine” or “universe”
  • Hun: “To teach” or “merit”
  • Han-wool: “Heaven” or “sky”
  • Dak-ho: “Deep lake”
  • Bong: “Mythical bird”
  • Ho-seok: “Tiger” or “heroic” (Ho) and “stone” (seok)
  • Ji-hu: “Wisdom”
  • So: “Smile”
  • Ga-ram: “River”
  • Sang-hoon: “Benevolent”
  • Jung: “Righteous” or “virtuous”
  • Daeshim: “Great mind”
  • Su-bin: “Refined” or “outstanding”
  • Chung-ae: “Noble” and “love”
  • Hyun-ki: “Wise”
  • Chin-hae: “Just” or “truth”
  • Gi: “Brave”
  • Ji-hoon: “Wisdom” or “intellect”
  • Young-Chul: “Eternal wisdom”
  • Kija: “Imagine”
  • Sun: “Goodness”
  • Man-shik: “Deep rootedness”
  • Dae-ho: “Great”
  • Kang-dae: “Strong” or “big”
  • Shik: “Planting”
  • Sung-ho: “Bright”

Female Korean Dog Names

These traditionally female Korean names remind us of grace, beauty, and nature. We hope you find one that takes your fancy.

  • Dal: Meaning “Moon”
  • Hana: “One”
  • Bora: “Purple”
  • Mee: “Beautiful”
  • Boram: “Valuable”
  • Ari: “Pretty” or “lovely”
  • Ma-ri: “The best”
  • Yon: “Lotus blossom”
  • Mi-cha: “Beautiful daughter”
  • Jang-mi: “Rose”
  • So-ra: “Conch shell”
  • Nari: “Lily”
  • Aera: “Love”
  • Myeong: “Bright” or “clear”
  • Yumi: “Have/possess” (yu) and “beautiful” (mi)
  • Guseul: “Precious gem”
  • Dal-rae: “To soothe”
  • Nabi: “Butterfly”
  • Yeosin: “Goddess”
  • Cheon-sa: “Angel”
  • Dasom: “Love”
  • Mi-ok: “Precious gem” or “beautiful pearl”
  • Eun: “Kindness”
  • Bit-na: “To shine”
  • Yeobo: Similar to “honey” (an affectionate term husbands and wives use)
  • Sarang: “Love” or “affection”
  • Hae: “Girl who is like an ocean”
  • Hea: “Grace”
  • Malli: “Jasmine”
  • Yu-na: “Endure”
  • Ha-yoon: “Beautiful summer” or “natural talent”
  • Ahn: “Peace”
  • Do-yun: “Permitted path”
  • Ji-ah: “Wisdom”, “purpose”, or “grateful”
  • Bong-cha: “Superior daughter”
  • Si-woo: “Divine intervention”
  • Dalnim: “Moon goddess”
  • Areum: “Beauty”
  • Mi-young: “Eternal beauty”
  • Ye-ji: “Wisdom” or “astute”

Gender-Neutral Korean Dog Names

begian malinois dog lying on the railway
Image Credit: Eudyptula, Shutterstock

If you’re more into gender-neutral names, there are plenty of gorgeous ones to consider. Here are our favorites:

  • Min: “Clever”
  • Duri: “Two”
  • Jae: “Ability” or “talent”
  • Moon: “Door”, “listen”, or “writing”
  • Jimin: “My wisdom will be higher than the sky”
  • Minseong: “Jade”
  • Miso: “Smile”
  • Sunja: “Meek”
  • Bokshiri: “Fluffy”
  • Chun-hee: “Justice” and “grace”
  • Hyo-jin: “Obedience” (hyo) and “precious” (jin)
  • Jakada: “Little”
  • Ha-neul: “Sky”
  • Kim: “Gold”
  • Bo-bae: “Treasure”
  • In-na: “Benevolence”
  • Iseul: “Morning dew”
  • Min-jae: “Strong”, “gentle”, or “talented”
  • Juah: “Jewel” or “pearl”
  • Mir: “Dragon”
  • Eun-jae: “Mercy”
  • Nun: “Snow”
  • Hayan: “White”
  • Bitnara: “Light” or “glow”
  • Nuri: “World”
  • Saja: “Lion”
  • Jag-eun: “Little”
  • Gwiyeowo: “Cute”
  • Geomeun: “Black”
  • Noran: “Yellow”

Nature-Inspired Korean Dog Names

Korea has a great number of oceans, lakes, rivers, and other areas of natural beauty. To pay testament to the Korean Peninsula’s natural offerings, here are some nature-inspired dog names.

  • Bada: “Ocean”
  • Sup: “Forest”
  • San: “Mountain”
  • Seom: “Island”
  • Gyegok: “Valley”
  • Gang: “River”
  • Hosu: “Lake”
  • Mujigae: “Rainbow”
  • Jijin: “Earthquake”
  • Man: “Bay”
  • Yasan: “Hill”
  • Daeyang: “Ocean”
  • Dalpit: “Moonlight”
  • Bi: “Rain”
  • Uloe: “Thunder”
  • Angae: “Fog”
  • Seok-yeong: “Flower”
  • Sanmaek: “Mountain range”
  • Byeol: “Star”
  • Pado: “Wave”
  • Namu: “Tree”
  • Mul: “Water”
  • Bul: “Fire”
  • Urim: “Rainforest”
  • Gyeoul: “Winter”
  • Yeoleum: “Summer”
  • Bom: “Spring”
  • Ga-eul: “Autumn”
  • Haebyeon: “Beach”
  • Byeol: “Star”
  • Nae: “Stream” or “creek”
  • Bam: “Night”
  • Achim: “Morning”
  • Gom: “Bear”
  • Ugi: “Monsoon”
  • Gangaji: “Puppy”
  • Sae: “Bird”
  • Gae: “Dog”
  • Sakula: “Cherry blossom”
  • Seoli: “Frost”
  • Hwasan: “Volcano”
  • Mwi: “Mouse”
  • Hama: “Hippo”
  • Panda: “Panda”
  • Yeou: “Fox”
  • Neukdae: “Wolf”
  • Mulgae: “Seal”
  • Gorae: “Whale”
  • Mae: “Hawk”
  • Doksuri: “Eagle”
  • Wonsungi: “Monkey”
  • Horangi: “Tiger”
  • Chita “Cheetah”
  • Tokki: “Rabbit”
  • Dwaeji: “Pig”
  • Osori: “Badger”
  • Sudal: “Otter”
  • Baekjo: “Swan”
  • Beol: “Bee”
  • Pali: “Fly”
  • Noonsol: “Pine tree”
  • Dallia: “Dahlia”
  • Sulyeon: “Water lily”
  • Daesuli: Periwinkle
  • Kyuda: Kewda
  • Pul: “Grass”
  • Akasia: “Acacia”
  • Ssag: “Bud”
  • Nancho: “Orchid”
  • Minari: “Parsley”

Food-Inspired Korean Dog Names

Typical Dachshund Smooth-haired brindled dog standing outdoors
Image Credit: Radomir Rezny, Shutterstock

South Korea is well-known for its vibrant cuisine. If it seems like your dog’s stomach is a bottomless pit, here are some food-inspired names to try on for size.

  • Mu: “Radish”
  • Gamja: “Potato”
  • Subak: “Watermelon”
  • Ganjang: “Soy sauce”
  • Cha: “Tea”
  • Bibimbap: A Korean rice dish
  • Mandu (Korean dumplings)
  • Kong: “Beans”
  • Gyul: “Mandarin”
  • Origami: “Duck”
  • Dalgogi: “Chicken”
  • Dubu: “Tofu”
  • Sikcho: “Vinegar”
  • Guksu: “Noodles”
  • Goguma: “Sweet potato”
  • Podo: “Grape”
  • Bap: “Rice”
  • Keopi: “Coffee”
  • Haecho: “Seaweed”
  • Bulgogi: A Korean meat dish
  • Bossam: A Korean pork dish
  • Ppang: “Bread”
  • Pimang: “Bell pepper”
  • 24: “Yangpa”: Onion
  • Insam: “Ginseng”
  • Pa: “Green onion”
  • Mango: “Mango”
  • Sagwa: “Apple”
  • Huchu: “Black pepper”
  • Sogeum: “Salt”
  • Oi: “Cucumber”
  • Uyu: “Milk”
  • Gaji: “Eggplant”
  • Kimchi: A Korean dish made from pickled vegetables
  • 35: Misu: A drink made from grain powder
  • Beoteo: “Butter”
  • Soju: A Korean alcoholic drink
  • Orenji: “Orange”
  • Bingsu: Shaved ice with fruit and other toppings
  • Kolla: “Coca-cola”
  • Dasik: A Korean cookie
  • Kuki: “Cookie”
  • Anju: Food eaten with alcohol
  • Juseu: “Juice”
  • Gimbap: A dish similar to sushi
  • Banana: “Banana”
  • Ttalgi: “Strawberry”
  • Jadu: “Plum”
  • Boksunga: “Peach”
  • Hudu: “Walnut”

Other Korean Dog Names

  • Dosa: Korean Mastiff
  • Sapsali: A Korean dog breed
  • Jindo: A Korean dog breed
  • Jeju: A Korean dog breed and the name of an island
  • Naekkeo: “My sweetheart”
  • Seo-jin: “Lucky town”
  • Ryung: “Bright”
  • Dasom: “Love”
  • Busan: A South Korean city
  • Seoul: South Korea’s capital
  • Osan: A South Korean city
  • Udo: A South Korean island
  • Aegiya: “Baby”
  • Jagiya: “Honey” or “baby”
  • Aein: “Sweetheart”
  • Deiji: “Daisy”
  • Kiyomi: “Cutie”
  • Suga: South Korean rapper
  • Kara: K-pop group
  • Sunmi: South Korean singer
  • Suho: South Korean singer
  • Psy: South Korean singer
  • Jennie: Female South Korean singer
  • Rosé: South Korean singer
  • Taemin: South Korean singer
  • Onew: South Korean singer
  • Dan: “Sweet”
  • Danchu: “Button”
  • Chingu: “Friend”
  • Huimang: “Hope”
  • Moonik: “Letters”
  • Cho: “Beginning”, “second”, or “candle”
  • Minha: “Fast”
  • Yeobo: “Darling”
  • Yuo: “Lotus flower”
  • Suwon: A South Korean city
  • Nae sarang: “My love”
  • Hwaseong: “Mars”
  • Seongbin: “Planet” or “star”
  • Bitna: “Shine”

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If you’re set on a Korean name for your pooch, one thing’s for sure: You shouldn’t have much of a problem finding one because there is an abundance of options. Whether you like traditional names, Korean pop artists, Korean food, or Korean landscapes, there’s something for everyone on this list. We hope you’ve found our suggestions useful.

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