Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: The Doggy Love Index

Big Heart Pet Brands asked dog lovers some key questions about their dogs and amore -- and it made a fancy infographic!


Which states love dog most? Do people prefer “doggy dates” to romance on Valentine’s Day? Are dog parents more attractive romantic partners? What are the top five most popular ways to have a dog-loving Valentine’s Day?

All good questions!

Here are some of the answers, courtesy of a nationwide survery of 3,000 pet parents, sponsored by Big Heart Pet Brands, which makes treats like Milk-Bone and Canine Carry Outs.

Question 1: Which states love dogs most

California loves dogs most. Eat it, Ohio (No. 9). Next comes New York, Washington, and Tennessee, which sounds about right (we have no idea what sounds right). Wisconsin is No. 22 — can you believe that? Arizona is No. 10, of course, and Virginia is No. 24, which makes no sense.

Question 2: Do you prefer a “doggy date” to romance on Valentine’s Day?

According to the survey, 39 percent of unmarried women prefer their dog to a date on Valentine’s Day. Hello! That felt awkward. Was that awkward?

The survey also says that 18 percent of single men say that having a dog helps them get more dates. Kudos, gents. Maybe you can help the 78 percent of single men who apparently said that having a dog does not help them get more dates, because, Christ, they need all the help they can get.

Question 3: Are dog parents more attractive romantic partners?

Survey says, yes! It does not say whether dog parents make better lovers, however, because the survey did not ask that question, which is simply unforgivable. Way to ask the hard questions, survey.

Question 4: What are the top five most popular ways to have a dog-loving Valentine’s Day?

Sixty percent of respondents say they’ll give their doggy a treat, which is the true and correct answer. Thirty percent of people say they’ll post photos of their dog on social media, which is … fine, I suppose. Then you can show your dog his picture on Twitter and explain how he’s a good boy because he got two retweets. Sounds fun.

Of course, we’re having a bit of fun with the survey, but Big Heart Pet Brands did a much better job at releasing the information than us. It made a slick infographic. If you’re like us, you can look at infographics about dogs all day. At the bottom of it is an offer by Big Heart to get and send your own dog Valentine’s Day cards.

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