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Isle of Dogs Shampoo Review 2024: Our Expert Opinion

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Elizabeth Gray

Isle Of Dogs Shampoo - Featured Image

Isle of Dogs Shampoo Review 2024: Our Expert Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give Isle of Dogs Shampoo a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Lather Quality: 4.8/5
Cleaning Power: 4.9/5
Scent: 4.7/5
Price: 4/5

Founded in 2004, Isle of Dogs is a U.S.-based small business that sells a variety of grooming products geared towards keeping your dog’s coat looking luxurious. Isle of Dogs shampoos were the brainchild of experienced show dog handlers who wanted to create a product that could be used frequently without drying out the skin and coat. Because of this history, moisturizing is a focus of each shampoo, no matter its other features.

Isle of Dogs offers a line of higher-end shampoos geared towards show dogs, who are literally being judged on their appearance. While the average dog owner can certainly appreciate these shampoos, Isle of Dogs also offers lower-priced, but still quality products suitable for all coat types. No matter which shampoo is chosen, however, all offer excellent lather quality and easy rinsing, streamlining bath time.

Because some Isle of Dogs shampoos contain artificial colors, they won’t appeal to dog owners who prioritize purchasing organic and all-natural products.

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Isle of Dogs Shampoo – A Quick Look

Isle of Dogs Clean Coating Shampoo for Dogs

  • Lathers and rinses easily
  • Appealing scent
  • Variety of products available for all coat types
  • Bulk sizes available
  • Some customer service issues
  • The scent may be too strong for sensitive individuals
  • Some products contain artificial colors


Manufacturer: Isle of Dogs
Brand Name: Varies
Scent: Varies
Available sizes: 16 oz, 1 gallon, 1 liter
Country of Origin: United States
Manufactured In: United States
Types of shampoo available: Tearless, moisturizing, color specific, shed control, deep cleaning


Shampoos Available for a Range of Coat Types

Isle of Dogs grooming products were originally developed for use on show dogs. Because of this, the company manufactures shampoos for general use, as well as more high-end products intended for specific coat types (coarse, silky) and colors (white, black, copper). They even produce a tearless shampoo for puppies! No matter what kind of dog (or budget) you have, Isle of Dogs probably has a shampoo that will work for them.

English cocker spaniel dog taking a shower with shampoo, soap and water in a bathtub
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Bulk Sizes Available

Most Isle of Dogs shampoos are available in multiple sizes, including 1-gallon containers. Again, this reflects the show dog background of the developers, who understand the convenience of purchasing large quantities of shampoo at a time. Busy regular dog owners, especially those with multiple large, dirty pooches can also appreciate this option.

Includes Moisturizing Elements

A key feature of all Isle of Dogs shampoos is the moisturizing elements. Show dogs require frequent bathing, which can easily result in dry skin and poor coat quality. The shampoos contain a range of moisturizing ingredients, including jojoba oil, fatty acids, and primrose oil. This added moisture keeps skin hydrated and leaves the dog’s coat feeling soft.

Contains Some Artificial Colors

Isle of Dogs shampoos are free of sulfates and parabens and generally rely on natural sources for their main components. However, not all their shampoos are completely all-natural. Several of them contain artificial colors, such as the Lush Coating Shampoo and the Copper Coat Shampoo.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Isle of Dogs shampoos produce a lot of lather from a minimal amount of shampoo. This trait not only makes bathing easier but also helps the bottle of shampoo last longer. Some of the higher-end show-quality products are also concentrated and must be diluted before use. These products tend to be more expensive so the longer they last the better!


FAQ: Isle of Dogs Shampoo Review

Can the shampoos be used without following with conditioner?

Many Isle of Dogs shampoos can be paired with a conditioner in the same formulation. While following with the conditioner will add more moisture and volume to a dog’s coat, the shampoos are effective without them. As we discussed previously, the shampoos contain their moisturizing elements.

Does Isle of Dogs guarantee their products?

Isle of Dogs states that they will allow customers to return any product that they aren’t happy with. However, the return policy can get a little complicated because Isle of Dogs shampoos are sold by so many different retailers. Shampoos purchased from other retailers rather than directly from the Isle of Dogs website are subject to the policies of those places.

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Image Credit: RavenaJuly, Shutterstock

Can these shampoos be used with topical flea and tick preventatives?

Bathing with any shampoo, including Isle of Dogs, could interfere with flea and tick medications. If you treat your dog with a topical parasite preventative, double-check the label before bathing to determine how to do it safely.

What the Users Say

Isle of Dogs shampoos have been available since 2004, plenty of time for customers to try and form opinions on these products. We’ve surveyed what previous users had to say in various online reviews and found that most had positive experiences to report.

Many customers reported using Isle of Dogs products for years and agreed with our thoughts about how well the shampoos lather and rinse. Most were impressed at the softness of the dogs’ coats after bathing and enjoyed the lingering scent. A few customers who reported sensitivities and allergies found the odor of the shampoos too strong, however.

Some customers found the cost of the specialty shampoos a bit steep but generally agreed that they performed as advertised. Many were especially impressed with Isle of Dogs Whitening Shampoo. Others appreciated that the overall quality of the general-use shampoos remained high even at a lower price.

Several professional groomers reported that this was their shampoo of choice in their salons.

A few users found that the shampoos did not seem to agree with their dogs’ skin and coat. However, the primary concern previous purchasers reported were issues with Isle of Dogs customer service. Several customers complained that they had trouble reaching representatives in person.

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Isle of Dogs shampoos appeal to professionals and regular dog owners alike. With a wide range of different products and sizes available, they target the grooming needs of every coat texture and color in the canine kingdom. While some shampoos contain artificial colors, they are free of harsh sulfates or parabens. Customer service can be a concern with this company, but overall, Isle of Dogs shampoos provide effective cleaning and moisturizing even for dogs that require frequent bathing.

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