How My Son and My Dog Became the Stars of a Bus Stop Photo Series


Our youngest son has Down syndrome, and I’ll admit that I spoil him a bit. Like, for instance, I drive him to meet the bus, at the end of our driveway. It started innocently enough, like most things do: One day last school year, there was a heavy downpour happening when the boys had to walk the long driveway, so I drove them the 200 yards instead.

The next day, I couldn’t get Micah out of bed, so I bribed him by offering to drive him to the bus again. It worked, and it soon became a part of our morning routine. Not long after, Micah insisted on bringing our French Bulldog Louie on the bus run. Louie is happy to be anywhere I am, so it became a morning thing for the dog, the boys, and myself to drive up to meet the bus.

bus collage 2
Bus stop collage featuring Micah and Louie. (Photos by Karen Dibert)

One November morning, while waiting for the bus to arrive, I took a picture of Micah and Louie together and posted it to my Instagram feed. The love rolled in, and life moved on. In January, upon returning to school after the holidays, I took another photo of the pair. The Instagram caption mentioned how cold it was, and the duo were bundled in hats, coats, and gloves, appropriately. On subsequent winter mornings, I continued with the bus stop pictures, posting them to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds.

bus collage 3
Bus stop fun. (Photos by Karen Dibert)

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this should have happened long ago. In addition to the outpouring of love on the photos, I’d get messages from close friends and barely acquaintances alike telling me how much they loved those morning photos that I post. People loved seeing the smiles or antics of my boy and his dog, and they shared comments such as “I love seeing those smiles! It brightens my day!” or “Thank you for posting these. They make the work day a little easier.”

bus collage 1
Bus stop antics. (Photos by Karen Dibert)

I wish I had started this photo series at the beginning of last school year. Micah completed 7th grade, and it was fun going back through the pictures and watching him grow up during the half year that I posted them. I have a tradition that I’ll need to continue for the rest of Micah’s school career, and am looking forward to the 8th grade bus runs, and the fun we’ll have there.

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