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How Much Are Dogs at PetSmart? 2024 Price Update

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Are Dogs at PetSmart? 2024 Price Update

PetSmart is an incredibly well-known company that caters to pet food and supplies. Founded as PetFood Warehouse in 1986, PetSmart went through several stages of restructuring its business models. Still, they’ve emerged as a leader in pet products, small pet sales, grooming, and adoption services. Since its beginning, PetSmart has not sold dogs or cats. Instead, they connect people with adoption services to provide homes for needy rescues and reduce number of animals euthanized every year. The cost of adopting one dog starts at $100. To date, PetSmart has helped save 9,925,164+ animals. You can use their online adoption tool to find dogs in your area or visit the store when rescue organizations feature their dogs and cats available for adoption.


The Price of Adoption and What It Entails

The price of adopting a dog can vary slightly between the different rescue groups, but the cost of adopting one dog starts at $100. You receive a reduced rate when adopting two dogs that start at $150. Mature dogs are usually less expensive than young canines, and the more popular breeds tend to find homes faster. PetSmart donates its store space to the local rescues so you can inspect the dogs in a sanitary and relaxing environment. Compared to the inflated prices charged by dog breeders, a PetSmart adoption is an affordable option. Breeder prices can range from $400 to over $4,000 for champion-line breeds.

The pet adoption fee includes deworming, health testing, vaccinations, microchip, spaying/neutering, and 30 days of free pet insurance. Before adopting a dog, you can purchase a few supplies to keep your pup safe on its trip home. A dog carrier, chew toy, and dog blanket will make the ride a little less stressful. In addition to its pet adoption services, PetSmart also provides:

  • Grooming salon
  • Doggie day camp
  • Training classes
  • PetsHotel boarding
  • Veterinary services

Although PetSmart does not sell dogs or cats, the company has an impressive selection of small pets.

red welsh corgi pembroke cute dog lying down on a dog bed
Image By: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock


The 4 Small Pets for Sale at PetSmart

Dogs and cats are the top two pets in the United States, but there are several unique animals, reptiles, and fish that also make excellent pets.

1. Fish

Goldfish in aquarium with green plants
Image By: dien, Shutterstock

Whether you’re looking for freshwater fish, cold-water species, or saltwater varieties, PetSmart has it all in their live fish section. They have several types of fish, but the availability depends on the season and any restrictions from local laws. Each state has different regulations regarding domesticated and exotic animal ownership, but most areas are not too restrictive on popular marine life purchases. Some of the marine creatures that PetSmart sells include:

  • Comet Goldfish
  • Twintail Halfmoon Male Betta Fish
  • GloFish Moonrise Pink Tetra
  • Angelfish
  • High Fin Spotted Plecostomus
  • Giant Danio
  • Cherry Barb
  • Hermit Crab
  • Black Mystery Snail
  • High-Fin Platy
  • Silver Lyretail Molly
  • Albino Cory Catfish

This list represents a small portion of PetSmart’s fish and marine animals, and you can find a detailed list with updated prices when you visit a PetSmart site with its location set to your zip code. When you purchase a fish or other small pet from PetSmart, you’ll receive a 14-day satisfaction guarantee backed by the company’s Vet Assured program. The program was created by PetSmart veterinarians to enhance the well-being and health of all pets. If you’re unsatisfied with your pet, PetSmart will replace it or refund your money before the 2-week deadline.

2. Birds

black-capped-conure bird in a cage
Image Credit: Khairil Azhar Junos, Shutterstock

Although pet owners who haven’t owned a bird before may be hesitant to bring a winged creature into their homes, birds can be affectionate pets that bond closely to their families and fill your home with avian music. Although smaller birds like Parakeets usually do not live more than 15 years, Conures can live 30 years or more. The birds available at PetSmart include:

  • Green Cheek Conure
  • Diamond Dove
  • Canary
  • Society Finch
  • Zebra Finch
  • Green Parakeet
  • Blue Parakeet
  • Fancy Parakeet

Compared to larger domesticated pets, birds are less expensive to feed, care for, and shelter. Before picking up a new bird from the store, you can order a birdcage that’s large enough to house a small, medium, or large-sized breed.

3. Small Pets

rabbit and hamster on food
Image By: PardoY, Shutterstock

If you enjoy watching a hamster or gerbil run on an exercise wheel or need a gift for a young child, you can examine PetSmart’s selection of small pets. Guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils are great gifts for children, and they’re easier to care for than cats or dogs. PetSmart’s selection of small pets can include:

  • Fancy Bear Hamster
  • Russian Dwarf Hamster
  • Winter White Hamster
  • Long-haired Hamster
  • Fancy Mouse
  • Guinea Pig
  • Short-haired Hamster
  • Chinchilla

As previously mentioned, the availability of these animals depends on your location. The links to PetSmart’s live pet sections are based on an Eastern U.S. location, but you may not find the same pets in your area. For instance, California does not allow gerbils, hedgehogs, or ferrets to be imported, sold, or kept as pets.

4. Reptiles

Ball python snake in studio
Image By: Thun Taworn, Shutterstock

They’re not cuddly or vocal like the family dog, but reptiles are extraordinary creatures. They make great pets for anyone who enjoys watching an ancient lifeform that’s existed for several hundred million years. Some of the reptiles and amphibians available at PetSmart can include:

  • African Dwarf Frog
  • Red-eared Slider
  • Fancy Bearded Dragon
  • African Sideneck Turtle
  • Cuban False Chameleon
  • Pacman Frog
  • Long-tailed Lizard
  • Ball Python
  • Eyelash Crested Gecko
  • Green Anole
  • Veiled Chameleon

When you’re shopping for a tank for a new reptile friend, be sure to check on the creature’s adult size. Some snakes and lizards can outgrow their habitats if their tanks are inadequate. PetSmart also sells insects and frozen mice to feed reptiles and amphibians.


Final Thoughts

If you want to adopt a dog from PetSmart, you can check your local store’s online site for puppies and dogs available in your area. From November 8th to November 14th, you can visit PetSmart to celebrate National Adoption Week. Local rescues will feature their dogs and cats, and in some areas, you can even adopt small pets and reptiles. Adopting a new pet is a rewarding experience that saves an animal’s life and gives you an affectionate and loving companion.

Featured Image Credit: tkach-artvitae, Shutterstock

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