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How Fast Can Labradoodles Run? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

black and white parti labradoodle dog running in the meadows

How Fast Can Labradoodles Run? Facts & FAQ

Running is more fun with a companion, and many people enjoy dogs that enjoy running as much as they do. Fortunately, Labradoodles are a great choice for a running partner since they can hit a 35-mph sprint and a regular pace of 25 mph.

Find out more about how fast a Labradoodle can run and how you can create the best running companion with your dog.


Labradoodle Running Speed

There are no scientific records of the Labradoodle’s running speed, but the average of 25 mph for a regular pace aligns with the average speeds for the dog’s size and breed. Labradors are bred to retrieve, so they must be able to keep pace over distances. Similarly, Poodles were originally bred to hunt and retrieve.

The fastest dog, a Greyhound, can clock speeds of 40 mph. Small and toy breeds, with their small stature and short legs, can only reach speeds of about 5 or 10 mph. Large or giant breeds, such as the Newfoundland, are too heavy and stocky to be quick.

The middle range, such as German Shorthair Pointers, Siberian Huskies, and Dalmatians, are close to the Labradoodle in size and build—neither heavy nor especially light. They have speeds between 15 mph and 25 mph.

parti labradoodle on jetty
Image By: TheWonderWays, Shutterstock

What Affects the Labradoodle’s Running Speed?

Labradoodles are a mixed breed that includes a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Though these dogs have similarities across litters, their genetics are variable and depend on the traits of the parents and how they express in the puppies.

Though some Labradoodles may reach sprint speeds of 35 mph and a regular pace of 25 mph, that doesn’t mean all of them will. Some may be faster or slower, especially if they’re young, old, or struggling with health or mobility issues.


Are Labradoodles Faster Than Other Animals?

Labradoodles have impressive running speeds, but they fall short of some of the fastest animals in the world.

Cheetah 0–60 mph in 3 seconds
Springbok 55 mph
Lion 50 mph
Wildebeest 50 mph
Pronghorn 35 mph
Labradoodles 25–35 mph

Labradoodles are still fast dogs, however, especially with a sprint. And even if you have a slower Labradoodle, it’s still faster than the average human and more than capable of keeping up on a daily run.

With average speeds of 8 mph for men and 6.5 mph for women, even toy breeds are faster than humans. The fastest track athletes still have an average speed of 15 mph, so it’s more likely that you’ll be struggling to keep up with your dog, not the other way around.

Brown Labradoodle jumps throug a tire
Image By: Fabian Kleinke, Shutterstock

How Should I Start Running with My Labradoodle?

If you want your Labradoodle to accompany you on runs, it’s important to take proper precautions. Puppies shouldn’t be out on rigorous runs, as it can damage their joints and hinder growth. Limit your time out to short, light jogs until your dog is an adult.

When that time comes, usually around 12 or 18 months, you can slowly build up your dog’s conditioning to prepare for regular running. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is fit and healthy as a running companion.


In Conclusion

If you want a running buddy, Labradoodles are a great breed for it. While they’re not the fastest breed, they can sustain speeds of 25 mph over distances and are perfectly capable of being alongside a slower human runner. But running should be fun for both of you, so make sure you take it slow and give your dog time to get fit for regular runs or jogs.

Featured Image Credit: Flyby Photography, Shutterstock

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