Conditions at a New York Puppy Farm Are Worse than Thought

Dogs from Flat Creek Border Collies were underfed with worm infections and dental problems.


Earlier this month, the SPCA seized 40 dogs from Flat Creek Border Collies puppy farm in Sprakers, New York, because its owner had failed to give them proper shelter while the area was being hit with record-breaking cold temperatures. The owner of Flat Creek, Herman Weich, was allowed to keep about 20 dogs under the condition that he bring them inside when temperatures dropped below freezing. Weich has also been fighting to have 10 breeding females returned to him.

As of this week, Weich can forget about that. After a report came out a few days ago, the remaining dogs have been seized and additional charges against him are being considered. According to the report, the dogs suffered from malnourishment, matted hair, worm infections, and dental problems.

Bethany Schuman-McGhee, an attorney who sits on the board of the Montgomery County SPCA, said, “Their condition was much worse than we were initially expecting. … None of them are healthy enough to undergo a routine spay or neuter procedure but [we’re] being as proactive as they can with the dog’s care.”

The report says that out of 35 dogs examined 10 were emaciated, their condition invisible to outsiders because of their thick coats. The dogs had little body fat or muscle, leaving them little more than skin and bone underneath their fur. Thirteen of the dogs were classified as “underweight.” Only seven were at their ideal body weight.

Animal advocate Matt Albert, an attorney who works with the Lexus Project, was adamant about the need for strict prosecution against Weich: “However many dogs were clearly deprived of that sustenance in the form of food, veterinary care, medical care, water, things like that that’s how many charges there should be,” he told ABC News. What happens now is up to Attorney General Eric Scheiderman, whom Albert has been extremely critical of. On Albert’s Facebook page, he called Scheiderman an “empty suit,” and claims that his office does little to fight animal abuse.

For now, most of the dogs have been taken to Glen Highland Farms in New York where they are recuperating and being taken care of. Donations for their care are accepted online.

Via CBS Albany and WNYT (Caution: Autoplay on both.)

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