Does Your Dog Make the List of the Dumbest Dog Breeds?

Why are the dumbest dog breeds considered to be less intelligent than other breeds? Are these canines just the breeds who are harder for humans to train?

4 chow chow puppies
When trained and socialized, Chow Chows are loyal companions. When not trained properly, this breed may be stubborn and aloof.

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The Border Collie is widely considered to be the world’s smartest dog breed (with the Poodle coming in close second). If some are the smartest, it only makes sense that some dog breeds are the dumbest, right?

What makes a dog dumb or smart

So, what is the criteria to determine dog breed intelligence?

A study on canine intelligence was published in 2022 in Scientific Reports by University of Helsinki researchers entitled Breed differences in social cognition, inhibitory control, and spatial problem-solving ability in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). Between March 2016 and February 2022, a total of 2,352 adult dogs (13 breeds plus mixed breeds) went through cognitive and behavior tests, called the smartDOG test battery. The researchers used the following criteria for the test:

• Greeting behavior

• Activity level behavior

• Exploratory behavior

• Learning

• Short-term memory

• Inhibitory control

• Problem-solving ability

• Social cognition

• Logical reasoning

• Human-directed gesture

The test concluded that pretty much the breeds performed how they were bred for, but not all. An example was the Kelpie and Malinois scored high in the gesture test, which you’d expect from these herding breeds. However, the Finnish Lapphund, also a herding breed, received the lowest score. The report went on to say, “Similarly, during the unsolvable task, the Australian Shepherd was the least likely breed to abandon the task, whereas the Kelpie was among the breeds most likely to abandon the task. It seems evident that breeds can vary behaviorally from each other even within their breed groups, since different traits may have been (both intentionally and unintentionally) selected for in different breeds, despite the breed group they belong to.”

The test did not cover the effects of training, environment, life experiences or the background of the dogs, which can also contribute to intelligence. The researchers hope to focus on that next.

Of course, the Border Collie scored high in the tests, while it was America’s favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever, that scored the lowest.

In 1994, a psychologist named Stanley Coren, PhD., DSc., FRSC, wrote a book called The Intelligence of Dogs (Atria Books). Dr. Coren ranked more than 100 dog breeds based on three specific types of intelligence:

  1. Instinctive intelligence (ability to perform tasks it was bred to perform like herding or hunting)
  2. Adaptive intelligence (ability to independently problem solve and learn from previous experiences)
  3. Working and obedience intelligence (ability to learn when being taught by humans)

The following lists are pulled from the dog intelligence rankings in The Intelligence of Dogs by Dr. Coren.

10 Smartest Dog Breeds

  1. Border Collie
  2. Poodle
  3. German Shepherd Dog
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Doberman Pinscher
  6. Shetland Sheepdog
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Papillon
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Australian Cattle Dog

10 Dumbest Dog Breeds

  1. Basset Hound
  2. Mastiff
  3. Beagle
  4. Pekingese
  5. Bloodhound
  6. Borzoi
  7. Chow Chow
  8. Bulldog
  9. Basenji
  10. Afghan Hound

So, does this mean these are the 10 dumbest dog breeds? Well, not necessarily.

Dumb and smart dog breeds are bred for different skills

“How smart you appear to be depends on the test,” says Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, Dipl. ACVB, professor emeritus and former section head and program director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. “Until quite recently, I had two dogs. One of them was hyper and the other dog would sort of lie around like a lump. You would say Jasper was not as smart as Rusty. But once you were out on a trail, Jasper lit up. He was doing the job that nature intended him to do because he was a coonhound, and he was using his super-intelligent nose. He was brilliant at his job, but not so good at some other things.”

It’s no secret that purebred dogs have very different skills depending on what they were bred to do. For instance, herding breeds like Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and Corgis are universally considered to be extremely intelligent. Due to the nature of their work, they are excellent at both making independent decisions and taking instructions from humans.

Why are hound dogs considered to be dumb?

“Pretty much all scenthounds are governed by their noses,” Dr. Dodman says. “They’re hard to train because they don’t really look up, they look down. They’re not really interested in listening or pleasing anybody, they’re just interested in tracking with their noses. The sighthounds want to chase anything that moves. For every dog breed there’s a purpose, and the mixed breeds are just a combination of the purebreds. I can see how it might be easy to superficially judge a dog who is kind of slow and not paying a lot of attention to what you say and really not that interested in performing tricks, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not smart, and in some ways, being very independent could be more intelligent than being obedient.”

Scenthounds like Basset Hounds, Beagles and Bloodhounds can sniff out almost anything. Sighthounds can spot their prey making the slightest movement and swiftly chase it down. A Border Collie is far more trainable than a Bloodhound, but a Bloodhound is far superior at tracking scents than a Border Collie. They each have different skills, but they excel in their own ways.

Research on dog intelligence is not perfect

As it turns out, some of the research done to determine the most intelligent or dumbest dog breeds might not be entirely accurate.

“The scientific work on breeds has not really held up,” Dr. Hare states. “Most breeds are only 150 years old, so there is very little to distinguish them. To scientifically prove the smartest breed, you would need to compare at least 30 dogs from each breed. They would have to be puppies raised and tested in a similar manner to control for the effect to rearing history and age on performance. If you took the AKC breeds or all breeds worldwide, you would need between 6,000 to 12,000 puppies, decades of work, millions of dollars and about a thousand graduate students. It is no wonder no one has done it.”

In fact, in his own research, Dr. Hare has seen as much variation within a breed as between them. “For example, Labradors bred for the military are the same breed as Labradors bred to be assistance dogs — and you have never seen two more different dogs in your life,” he explains.

Humans categorizing certain breeds as the dumbest dog breeds is less about truly measuring their intelligence and more about not understanding the breed’s particular skillset.

“No individual dog or an entire breed should be considered ‘dumb,’” says Gina DiNardo, executive secretary for the American Kennel Club. “Ease of training is not an accurate way to assess a dog’s intelligence. What we humans may perceive as an animal being ‘dumb’ may be independence, stubbornness or aloofness, which are common characteristics in many breeds. Training takes time and patience, and every dog is different. Learn different training techniques available, and if you are having problems, seek out a trainer who can give you the skills that you need to teach your dog.”

According to Dr. Hare, dog intelligence is not a black and white matter. “I don’t really think there is any such thing as ‘smart’ dogs and ‘dumb’ dogs,” he states. “That is just a throwback to a linear version of intelligence, as though intelligence is a cup of coffee that is more or less full. Different dogs are good at different things. And all of them are geniuses in their own way.”

So, what is it about certain breeds that caused them to end up as the dumbest dog breeds in Dr. Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs? Let’s take a look at each of these breeds.

The 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds and Their Traits

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound. dumbest dog breeds
The Afghan Hound was bred to hunt using their speed and eyesight. Photography by Olga_i / Shutterstock.

The Afghan Hound tops the list of “dumbest dog breeds” according to The Intelligence of Dogs, but Afghan lovers surely disagree. Afghans are sighthounds, which means they were bred to hunt using their extraordinary speed and eyesight. Like many sighthounds, Afghans can be aloof, which means they can be a little standoffish and reserved, especially with strangers. They can also be stubborn and independent. Due to these traits, Afghans are not easy to train, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t smart. They simply prefer to think for themselves and do things on their own terms. You might have to be more creative when training an Afghan, but their elegance, regal air and devotion to their humans makes them special companions.

2. Basenji

dumbest dog breeds
Basenjis have qualities similar to felines, and are definitely smart when they are plotting trouble. Photography by krushelss / Shutterstock.

The Basenji is another sighthound that makes the list for his independence and aloofness. Some people describe this breed as having feline qualities, and in fact, many Basenjis will groom themselves like cats. The breed has earned a reputation for being “untrainable,” but again, ease of training is not always an accurate indicator of intelligence. Quite the contrary, Basenjis are intelligent, curious and playful. Like inquisitive toddlers, they are smart enough to get into trouble if you don’t watch them carefully. Raising a Basenji can sometimes feel like taming a wild animal. They are watchful and wary, and although most bond with their owners, they may or may not like your friends. Bottom line: Basenjis are stubborn so they aren’t consistently obedient, but they can be trained. Positive methods are best.

3. Bulldog

A dog sleeping with his tongue out. dumbest dog breeds
Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness. Photography ©Lindsay_Helms | Thinkstock.

Another breed known for stubbornness is the Bulldog. The term “bullheaded” fits the Bulldog to a T. For this reason, Bulldogs can be difficult to train, but dumb? You only have to look to one of the famous skateboarding or surfing Bulldogs to see that they are definitely capable of learning. Bulldogs are also labeled as lazy, but clearly some enjoy more vigorous activities than lying on the couch.

4. Chow Chow

A Chow Chow dog. dumbest dog breeds
Chow Chows can also be difficult to train as they may challenge humans for authority. Photography by Sergieiev/Shutterstock.

Chow Chows might look like adorable teddy bears, but they are not always the cuddly type. Originally bred to be guard dogs, Chows are serious, independent and aloof. They are strong-willed and stubborn, and therefore more difficult to train, which lands them a spot on the list of dumbest dog breeds. Chows are intelligent — they just have minds of their own. If not trained correctly, Chows might challenge their humans for authority, which can become problematic. For these reasons, Chows require firm but fair training and extensive socialization starting from an early age. When raised properly, Chows are noble, loyal and devoted companions.

5. Borzoi

Borzoi. dumbest dog breeds
Borzois are sighthounds and may be a bit stubborn. Photography ©volofin | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Yet another sighthound, the Borzoi is an independent freethinker. This breed can also be stubborn — training a Borzoi is an exercise in patience. Borzois seem to do best with frequent, short training sessions rather than hour-long classes. In the house, they are generally very well-mannered, calm, clean and quite affectionate, especially with their special people.

6. Bloodhound

Bloodhound. dumbest dog breeds
The Bloodhound is another hound dog that is typically stubborn and independent. Photography ©alkir | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

If you have ever witnessed the aurora borealis, the colorful northern lights display that transforming the night sky into a brilliant sight to behold, you might be able to understand how a scenthound like the Bloodhound “sees” the world with his sensitive nose. Bloodhounds are hard to train because they are so distracted by all the glorious scents just waiting to be investigated. They also have a ton of energy, are stubborn and independent, and are absolutely relentless when on a scent trail. Combined together, the Bloodhound’s unique skills can sometimes make these dogs challenging to live with, but enter a Bloodhound in a tracking event and watch his special talents shine.

7. Pekingese

dumbest dog breeds
Pekingese are somewhat slow and sloth-like. Photography by Debby Wong / Shutterstock.

One reason people might think Pekingese are a little slow is the fact that they are somewhat sloth-like. At home, they enjoy lounging about and surveying their domain. This could be due to their physical build or partly held over from their history as sacred pets of the Tang Dynasty in 8th-century China. In fact, Pekingese were called “sleeve dogs” because members of the Imperial household carried their cherished companions around snugly nestled in their voluminous sleeves. Can you blame the Peke for enjoying the easy life? Pekingese are also stubborn and difficult to housebreak. This doesn’t make them dumb, but it does make for some training challenges. Start training early and be consistent.

8. Beagle

dumbest dog breeds
A Beagle’s keen sense of smell often pulls them off track. Photography ©Halfpoint | Thinkstock.

Like Bloodhounds, Beagles like to follow their noses, which can sometimes get them into trouble. The Beagle’s sweet, affectionate nature, combined with his happy-go-lucky outlook might lead you to think he’s empty headed. It’s best to keep Beagles on a leash. They can’t resist the urge to explore, smell the world and chase small critters.

9. Mastiff

Mastiff. dumbest dog breeds
Mastiffs are a good example of why activity level and training aren’t good indicators of a dog’s intelligence. Photography ©Photology1971 | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

The large, laid-back Mastiff is a very chill dog. So chill, in fact, that you might thing he’s a little dense. They are also a bit stubborn and might be more challenging to train than some breeds. Again, activity level and ease of training aren’t necessarily good indicators of intelligence. Mastiffs are actually quite bright. Due to their size and natural wariness of strangers, it’s essential for owners to start training and socialization early in puppyhood so Mastiffs develop into well-behaved and discerning companions.

10. Basset Hound

Basset Hound by momente / Shutterstock.dumbest dog breeds
Basset Hounds, like Beagles and Bloodhounds, are very guided by their sense of smell. Photography by momente / Shutterstock.

Like the Pekingese, Basset Hounds can be a bit lazy. This could be in part to their long and low bodies or their laid-back personalities. Bassets can be a little stubborn, and like their scenthound cousins the Bloodhounds and the Beagles, Bassets might have trouble ignoring the amazing scents around them long enough to concentrate on learning. However, Bassets want to please their people and are very food motivated, so they do respond well to training. Don’t mistake the Basset’s easy-going personality for lack of intelligence, though. They are bright and affectionate dogs.

The bottom line on the dumbest dog breeds

It’s not fair to label any breed or individual dog dumb. Yes, some dogs are brighter than others, but most dogs are good at something — you just have to figure out what.

“Some dogs do some things better than others, and they have different behaviors.,” Dr. Dodman says. “Police dogs and army dogs tend to be the German Shepherd Dog and Malinois types because they’re easily trainable. Does that mean they’re smart? Or does it mean they’re not so smart because they always follow other people’s directions and don’t think independently? You can argue it both ways.”

Note: Dogster does not believe any dog breed is a “dumb” dog breed.

Thumbnail: Photography ©dimarik | Thinkstock.

Originally published in 2012 and updated in 2018.

Why read breed profiles?

Dog breed profiles help everyone, whether you have a mixed breed or purebred dog, to better understand and improve the quality of your dog’s life. If you have a mixed breed dog, read up on all of the breed profiles that make up your dog. Not sure what breed your dog is? There are a number of easy DNA tests out there to help you find out.

238 thoughts on “Does Your Dog Make the List of the Dumbest Dog Breeds?”

  1. I agree I have had Aussie since the 70s and I will be happy to compare my girls to a golden any day of the week

  2. I am so sick of all these articles about the smartest, dumbest, most dangerous, best and worst… ad nauseum.
    I have a Pit Bull now and I’ve had a Labrador (Einstein) a Rottweiler, Fox terroir Welsh Terrier and Akita. They all have different attributes and ALL require training. My Pittie, the supposedly most dangerous, is the most empathetic dog I’ve ever had. She became my service dog due her ability to sense fluctuation in glucose levels and rising pain levels before I even know it.
    My point is that each individual should be evaluated as an individual.
    These “lists should taken with a grain of salt. They can be helpful OR lead to dangerous prejudice against some breeds.

  3. Dogs are not Dumb and who are to decide which breed is dumb just because some dogs are better at somethings then others dose not make them Dumb you just have work with them find their strengths and their weakness dogs are pretty intelligent

  4. I agree. Humans are dumber than then dogs and very conceited for thinking they are better than animals.

  5. Dirk Bindlewood

    They really aren’t though. Humans are much smarter than dogs. Can dogs design circuit boards? I believe dogs are better than people in many other ways though.

  6. My basenji/beagle mix surprises people with how smart he is. We did work on training almost right away when he was about 10 weeks. He does get distracted by critters and smells, but he is pretty obedient. He is a serious cuddle bug and his playfulness is like that of a pup. He’s really fun and can outrun all of the dogs at the park.

  7. I’ve never met a dumb dog I’ve known a lot of dumb humans though The human who wrote this article is right there with the dumbest There are breed traits but time, love and patience brings out the best in all dogs If the author thinks they’re dumb then they don’t know dogs

  8. Out of all the dogs I’ve owned, the beagle has to be the smartest of them all so far (schnauzer, chihuahua, husky, and beagle is what I’ve personally owned) Stubborn when It comes to walking on a leash at times because like the article says she sets her nose on a scent and loves to follow through but follows commands on first prompt had 0 difficulty house breaking in a matter of just a couple weeks and is an extremely smart and sweet companion

  9. This is the most pathetic clickbait article ever. Either that or the author is inbred.

    “Check out this list of the most dumb dogs, except, I take half the article to express that I don’t actually mean dogs and half of the dumb dogs I list are actually intelligent”

    Write “tough to train” you waste of air.

  10. We adopted a 5 year old beagle, Dakota. Such a loving beautiful beagle. All she knew how to do was bow like a princess. She was also very stubborn with her nose.

    I trained her, and turns out she was seriously a smart dog. I taught her so many tricks. Taught her how to find marijuana. Didn’t have to pay for smoke for 5 years. She loved going on walks in the hills, because she was rewarded handsomely with a tbone when she’s find the pot. Sorry growers.

  11. Since when is being stubborn or not listening considered to be dumb?? Some of the smartest “people” I know are stubborn and question everything. Who’s to say those dogs that are stubborn and don’t take commands very well aren’t the smartest? This is just a dumb article since no one can actually say this is a proven fact or that’s a proven fact. No way. I submit that it’s many of the people making these judgements who need training and not the dogs. Let’s see how well they do when they’re put in the smartest and dumbest categories?

  12. Are you seriously defending this person. Wow and to resort to calling people dummies for writing how they feel. The article is completely offensive and incorrect. Sounds like people are running out of things to write about…..

  13. I agree take in their use. My example is the Husky my son was trying to teach to fetch a stick. She looked at him like saying if you want it get it yourself.
    We watched her set a trap for chickens. She walked to the end of her tie out. Walked back to her house. Then carried her bowl half way. Went hid by her house…she caught a chicken…Dumb?

  14. I have had many dogs 55 yesrs. I have never had a really dumb dog. But have had a couple of really smart poodle type dogs. Had a really smartChow Chow. Had a crazy Rhodiasian Ridgeback that didnt care for people too much. Had 2 pitbulls that absolutely love people ( thought they were lap dogs at 55lbs and 120lbs) but did not tolerate other animals.Even each other. But they were so intelligent it was scary. I love all dog breeds but not real fond of this small hairy yappy dog but wont tell which one.

  15. I have a 5 month old purebred bluetick coonhound and while his nose absolutely rules most of what he does he is also very intelligent. He does come off as being “dumb” because he is so clumsy but I think that is due to his being so large for his age and not having the coordination yet to maneuver his skinny body with those moose legs. This is my first puppy ever and I trained him to shake literally in 10 minutes with one piece of steak. I’m coming to learn he’s not dumb at all. It’s about motivation, find something that he loves the smell of and he becomes just as smart as any dog I’ve ever seen.

  16. I have a mix, half chocolate lab, and half beagle. half-smart and half-dumb? He’s male, and extremely affectionate, to the point that he can’t be in a room without a human, but outside, he’s oblivious to everything to the point that he cannot be off a leash because he just runs straight at whatever got his attention- very single minded.

    It took over a year to house-train him, and he still has occasional accidents (or just doesn’t care). Frankly, most training is lost on him and he has zero attention span outside of terrorizing squirrels and always seeking attention indoors. He seems as dumb as a box of rocks. This is my first male dog, all the rest were females, and were all moderately intelligent, so this is a first for me.

  17. Although I can’t dispute this list, I love my dog because it is lovely. I also read this

  18. No, no. My granddad’s partner Amanda has two very dumb Shichons. Rosie responds to Molly’s name lol

  19. I am getting on in years and have had dogs all my life and my father before me. Intelligence in dogs is what is inherent in them, nothing at all to do with training or anything else. What makes an intelligent dog is how they communicate with a person or other animal. It is how they go about getting an understanding completely unprompted with who they communicate with, dogs that can make their needs known and can lead a human to fulfill them are indeed hyper-intelligent dogs, they think and can communicate, whereas with other dogs where the human has to anticipate for them, despite prompting are indeed dumb dogs, for with these dogs no amount of prompt. training or anything else will ever make them clever, it is the dog that thinks for itself, now how can I go about getting that, and forms a strategy in its head to do it, if it is not able to work it out and the human has to anticipate its needs, that animal is dumb. It is like an IQ in humans it is what is inherent in the dogs brain to work out things. Take away your dogs water bowl and food bowl and see how they respond, if they whinge they are as thick as a brick,and would probably die in the wild, if however they seek you and communicate with you their needs, well they would probably survive.

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  28. The premise of smart and dumb is flawed, and designed to create controversy. Many of you took the bait. There were actually some interesting bits of info in the article.

    My Boston is pretty smart, but not as smart as many breeds.

    I like to say my Boston is dumb and smart – dumb about running in front of cars and eating poop, and smart in relating to people and other dogs. She also amazes me with a natural herding instinct.

    So I don’t buy the smart/dumb thing. I choose my dogs based on temperament and traits like minimal barking. That is why I am a Boston Terrier fan forever.

    I do have to check out these Rottweilers!

  29. I have had 2 coonhounds that were extremely intelligent, always “took it under consideration” when they were told to do something and were the most focused dogs that I ever had. They are sensitive and loyal and get a bad rap for “being untrainable” but they are really just inquisitive and can be trained to be great house dogs if you are willing to take the time to spend correcting them and hound proof your house. So take the hounds off your dumb list. I also have had labs,rotweillers and German sheppards. There are no “dumb” dogs, just “dumb” dog owners.

  30. Actually, sheltland sheepdogs are the #1 dumbest dog breed. After 9 months of intense training, my dumb sheltie couldn’t even sit. I learned to train dogs from professional dog trainers, and there is nothing wrong with my way of training, I’ve trained other people’s dogs before. But this sheltie is just the dumbest dog ever. And shelties are supposed to be smart.

  31. I read the story and had to smile! I’ve owned many different dogs in my life from pure bred to rescues I’ve picked up off the street and rehabilitated myself! When I consider any critter’s relative brain power I look to see how well they respond to problem solving. With problem solving, I also consider the background of the animal (was it abused or is it elderly or a puppy, etc.). As an example, I rescued a Chihuahua off the street near my home. I went through the legal animal control protocol so it was a month before he was actually mine. The first thing I did was have a dental done. Shortly after I dropped him off, though, I was called by my vet who told my my poor little pup had a broken jaw! Well, after quite a bit of time and money (my husband gladly paid) and lots of pain on the poor dog’s part, we found out he was five years old and had been kicked in the face! But, this little pup thought the whole world loved him and the whole world loved him back! And that was not too far from the truth. When I took this happy fellow we named Chipper to the vet for his allergy shot (the weeds made him sneeze!) the ladies behind the desk held up a skinny little thing and said, “Look what we have for you!” It was an emaciated, tiny Chihuahua. And, indeed, she did end up living with us. She had some problems. She had a seizure disorder, her back and hips were unbelievably out of whack, and, here is the point, she was dumb as a box of rocks! Why do I say that? I had two Chihuahuas, approximately the same age, both had been abused, but Judy Kate, as my husband named her, would get lost in a paper sack, whereas Chipper learned to go out the front door and jump into the front seat of our car when I told him we were going for a ride!

    I had fostered a hospice Pekingese before I found Chipper. When she was given to me, I was told she would probably die in the night. Really? The next day we left for a four-day reunion out in the mountains on a river. This old girl I named BeaBea, got out of the car (on a leash!) when we arrived and walked right into a truck tire! Poor thing! I walked her around to the back where the festivities were. Everybody, but particularly the men and boys, were very taken with this old girl. She wanted to walk around the house, so we did, while I held onto the leash. We went around once and she wanted to again, so we did. The third time around I dropped the leash and walked behind her. The FOURTH time around, I unhooked her leash and followed her around. She finally had enough. She wandered among the people who were there and greeted the new arrivals. This is the little Pekingese who was supposed to have died the night before?!? BeaBea was off leash for the rest of the weekend. She was the Queen of the May! She and I had fun like that for four and a half months. Then, one day, exactly a week before Thanksgiving, she wouldn’t eat or drink and just cried. So, I hurried her into the vet who ran some quick tests. She said it wasn’t good. BeaBea’s time had come. So, after it was over, my vet said she wanted to know why BeaBea died. I turned out BeaBea was full of ovarian cancer – she had never been spayed!
    I was heart broken! But, a month later was when I found Chipper. He was such a wonderful companion! But, a year ago, cancer took him, too. I was given a delightful Pekingese who then led me to my wonderful Chihuahua. I thought it would be only right to have another Pekingese. He’s a puppy! The first puppy I have had in many, many years. So, as a mom of two Pekingese, I’m here to tell you, Pekes are definitely NOT dumb! My Old Lady figured out not only how to cheat death, but how to do it off leash, and my puppy is some sort of Penn and Teller (I’m not sure which, yet) and after he’s chewed up the books I had on the table, my yarn in the basket on the table, and then my checkbook cover that was in my purse on the hook on the wall by the back door, and he sits up on his bottom, as only Pekes can do and just melts my heart – well, that’s why God makes babies and puppies so cute, so they can grow up!

  32. This list seems to have been compiled based on how easily trained certain breeds are. Couldn’t help noticing that most of the “dumbest” dogs fall into the hound category. Hounds have been valued as, and bred to be, independent thinkers in order to be more efficient hunters, and are known to be more difficult to “train” because of this. Doesn’t make them less intelligent, in fact, it possibly makes them more intelligent.

  33. Charlotte G Miller

    The Pomeranian didn’t make either the intelligence or dumbest list. I wonder what it says about them? The problem is they are one person dogs like Chihuahua’s.

  34. I am the mom of 7 dogs….4 beagles, 2 beagle/bloodhounds and an American Mini Shepherd. I think all dogs are smart in their own ways. Mine have a routine daily which makes things so much easier and I have 3 acres of property all fenced in. I would be lost without it! Beagles and Bloodhounds love to follow their noses!

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