Watch a Lab Break Into the Fridge After Her Owner Leaves Home

Allie is a very smart, very persistent, very naughty dog. She's also very full.


Adam Montiel’s 12-year-old yellow Lab, Allie, doesn’t wait around for mealtimes like most dogs — she just waits for him to leave the house, and she never fails to get herself a nice multi-course buffet.

Montiel recently set up a GoPro to see how she does it, and … well, this dog is good.

As you’ll see in the video at the end of this post, Allie first checks the trash can by knocking it over, narrowly escaping a wrathful broom, which slices the air just inches from her snout. She puts her head in the trash and has some luck; she takes a bag off to her horde in the next room.

Then it’s to the freezer, where she paws the door open with the ease of an insomniac intent on Sara Lee. You might think, frozen food? But a dog at home alone has got nothing but time. She noses around, pulls out some cutlets, and heads off to let them defrost in toilet bowl water (or some such; we don’t have video of the whole house, unfortunately).

Then she comes back for the main event: the refrigerator proper. It takes some time for her to get both doors open, because she is a dog. She has paws. Damn things weren’t made for paws. She must use teeth, paws, brute animal leverage, everything at her disposal, to get both doors opened, so she can get a proper look inside. But once she does, man, look at all that food.

Amidst much banging and clinking and rummaging around, she pulls out a … bag of salad? … and heads off to the next room to be with it in private. But soon she is back, and her strategy shifts. Let’s just pull a bunch of stuff out and see what looks good, shall we?

Watch the video:

Good for you, Allie.

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