Dig This Video: Nathan the Hairless Dog Is a Dancing King

The Chinese Crested rescue dog has a great crew behind him, too. Your move, Kanye.


Have you ever seen a hairless dog flanked by three of his crew getting down to Madonna’s “4 Minutes” in a rocking office chair?

No? What’s wrong with you? Have a look:

Now go watch the video here.

This dog is down with it, no? And his posse — Crazy Hair on the left, Not Having It over the shoulder, and Eyebrows sort of hunched behind the rocking office chair, the way he does — that’s a fine-looking crew, dead ringers for about 100 people in 1984’s Breakin’, which is where all the great crews come from.

And Nathan, on the rocking office chair — do you know that Nathan dances better than 85 percent of people at weddings, 95 percent of people at any given Red Lobster, and 100 percent of Ellen’s studio audience?

We know this because we Nathan and the Furious Three were featured on the show:

Nathan’s video has predictably struck a chord with Internet users — “Hey, that dog has more game than me!” — going viral and bringing scads of much-needed attention to the rescue Bald Is Beautiful, out of Greenville, SC, which takes in primarily hairless and small-breed dogs and finds them homes.

Nathan, who is identified as a Chinese Crested on the Bald Is Beautiful website, was a hard case, the group reports Facebook. After his owner died in 2008, he was left in her home with all of her other dogs for a week. Another rescue took him in but failed to place the dog.

“He was moved to several homes over the next few years,” writes BIB, “and apparently no one was willing or able to keep Nathan for more than a year before moving him on.”

In 2011, Nathan ended up at Bald Is Beautiful. The group placed him with a foster home, where they discovered his fear of men.

“Nathan was an unusual case in that he required ongoing training to address his issues. Part of this process includes changing behavior, but also minimizing triggers and helping the dog find success where it is possible.”

After another failed placement, his foster mom realized “he was happier at her home than anywhere else he’d been before,” so she adopted him. Nathan has been a joy ever since.

As for his dancing, well, yeah, he’s scratching his back. But it’s so much more than that.

“This dancing behavior is something he started on his own and now does on command for lots of praise from his mom, and treats, too,” writes BIB.

And that crew? “Well, they know the drill. When Mom says, ‘Wiggle it!’ they all line up behind the green chair and wait. When it’s over, everyone gets treats!”

Two of Nathan’s crew are his brothers, but Not Having It is up for adoption. His real name is Diamond; check out his profile here.

And check him out here with Al Roker:

Photos via Bald Is Beautiful’s Facebook

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