Jesse the Dog Makes Our Own Pups Look LIke Slackers

Watch this talented Jack Russel Terrier clean the house, fetch the mail, even go shopping!


Sure, we’ve built and destroyed civilizations and perfected the art of comfort; we also have opposable thumbs. But where would we be without dogs? Shivering in loincloths around a timid fire afraid to sleep for fear of the jaguars lurking in the darkness ready to pounce and eat us?

No one knows for sure, but when we befriended dogs so many years ago, it was probably pretty beneficial to us. They even say that while we’ve been selectively breeding and training dogs, they’ve been selectively breeding and training us. It’s a relationship unlike any other.

Which leads us to Jesse, a very talented Jack Russel Terrier. Jesse’s loving human has worked very hard with the little dog to teach him a canon of clever and cute tricks. Or, at least that’s what she thinks. In this video, Jesse helps his human friend get ready for the day by waking her up, making her breakfast, fetching her a towel, cleaning the house, flushing the toilet, checking the mail, wiping up mysterious messes, doing the laundry … hey, wait, it sounds like Jesse is doing everything!

And that’s exactly Jesse’s scheme. See, Jesse has made his human friend entirely dependent on him. Sure, she thinks she’s the one commanding cute tricks, but the reality is that Jesse is just planning on the day when he’ll “accidentally” forget to wake up his human friend. Joke will be on her!

Just kidding — Jesse and his human friend are a pretty cool team. Check out more of Jesse’s videos here.

Photo via Jesse’s website

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