Dogster Reviews: Can the Puppia Soft Harness Withstand Ace’s Active Lifestyle?

This harness is popular at San Francisco dog parks, so we get Ace one and hit the town.


Choosing the perfect harness is a commonly discussed topic among dog lovers. A harness should be safe, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. It doesn’t hurt if your dog looks awesome wearing it, too.

Ace and I have tried a number of different styles of harness during our nearly three years together, including harnesses designed to curb pulling. I have found them to be ineffective at reducing Ace’s pulling on their own without adjunct training. Because of this, for our most recent harness purchase, we primarily had in mind comfort, good fit, and style.

The Puppia soft harness ($20.99) seems to be pretty popular in the San Francisco parks where Ace roams. I first noticed this harness because it comes in a variety of bright colors and looks like a little vest. I decided to buy Ace a Puppia soft harness after reading customer reviews that described this harness as fitting Boston Terriers, Pugs, and French Bulldogs well. Ace can sometimes be difficult to fit, so I was pretty excited to see if Puppia worked for her proportions.

Take note when choosing the size of your dog’s Puppia soft harness. The mesh fabric part of the harness goes over the dog’s head, and it is not particularly flexible, so make sure the neck measurement is actually the measurement for the widest part of your dog’s head. Ace wears a size medium, and the neck opening is a bit snug when I pull the harness over her head.

Overall, I am pleased with the fit of the Puppia soft harness on Ace’s body. The harness is flush against Ace but is not tight. While other harnesses have given Ace blisters under her armpits, I have not noticed the Puppia soft harness rubbing her uncomfortably on any part of her body.

The Puppia soft harness is made from a spongy, synthetic mesh fabric. I’ve found it to be durable, surviving countless rolls through the grass as well as many trips through the washing machine on delicate (I hang it to dry). One drawback is that the piping, which is a different material than the mesh body of the harness, tends to attract and trap dog hair, even after going through the wash.

Getting the Puppia soft harness on and off Ace is fairly straightforward, especially after doing it a few times. The harness goes over her head, and I lift her left front paw to go through the leg hole, clipping the belly strap on her right side. Ace is used to the process and helps out by pushing her head through the neck hole.

The Puppia soft harness feels sturdy and secure. I don’t worry that Ace will slip out of it or that the harness hardware will break. I especially like using this harness when I’m hiking with Ace and she is required to be on leash.

Many dog owners have told me that this style of harness is inappropriate for a dog who pulls, and that it might actually encourage pulling. I have not found Ace’s pulling behavior to worsen since using the Puppia soft harness, though you may have a different experience with your dog.

Dogster Scorecard for the Puppia Soft Harness

  • Quality: Ace’s Puppia harness has proven to be durable in the field and through the washing machine.
  • Style: Puppia harnesses come in a rainbow of bright colors.
  • Function: The Puppia harness holds Ace firmly and securely with solid hardware and a comfortable design.
  • Creativity: The Puppia soft harness’ distinct design and fit stand out amongst its competitors, especially for this hard-to-fit Boston Terrier.
  • Value: Although my Puppia soft harness cost a few dollars more than other simple harnesses, it has been worth the investment because of its durability and great fit.

Bottom line

The Puppia soft harness fits Ace’s Boston Terrier proportions well and provides a secure, stable hold with comfort and style.

Dogster readers, please share your experiences with the Puppia soft harness in the comments below.

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About the Author: This East Coast transplant enjoys the bounty of San Francisco, including its microclimates, farmers’ markets, and secret stairway walks. When she’s not walking with, talking about, or kissing the face of her Boston Terrier, Ace, she blogs about Ace’s adventures. Product reviews writer and guinea pig at Dogster.

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