Maggie the Dog’s Singing Will Melt Your Heart

Sure, the Saluki mix has been auto-tuned, but we still think she deserves a Grammy.


The dog in this video sings achingly and with intense passion — yes, this dog sings. Achingly and with intense passion. Maggie’s brilliant vocals cut through our mundane, regular-Joe lives — filled with stupid things like going to get drive-through coffee and buying cheap patio furniture — like a beautiful, soulful electric cattle prod turned on high, frying our insides and causing massive internal injuries. She’s that good. She lifts our spirits while she splays on the couch like a dog. She can barely keep her head up while she puts our down, to contemplate her brilliance.

Maggie is a musical genius.

Either that or someone just auto-tuned her.


The video is a couple of years old, but it’s finally going viral after someone posted it to Reddit, where people have been having a lot of fun taking about this dog in relation to the state of pop music, as we did above. Someone even threw a sample of the dog into a song. It does make you wonder: If a dog can sound that good, why are we giving all the money in the world to performers who are not dogs?

“Maggie is a Saluki cross who was rescued from a terrible situation, now she enjoys a loud life of singing and playing,” writes the man who posted the video, Dale Roossien.

Good for Maggie. Now give her a Grammy.

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